Sienna’s mom and dad become patients at Brown in 2019 after having difficulty conceiving. Her mom and dad both received an infertility workup and were diagnosed with Male Factor Infertility. This was due to low sperm counts and motility from many of the medications her dad had been on after his liver transplant earlier that year.

After one round of IVF, they ended up with five embryos. They did a fresh embryo transfer in December 2019 and became pregnant.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, at 13 weeks, the Valdez family found out that they had suffered a missed miscarriage and found themselves in complete devastation. 

Fast forward a few months later and the Valdez family was ready to try again. After consulting with Dr. Brown, they started to prep for their first FET. In June of 2020, they had two embryos successfully transferred.

“The nurses and staff were extremely supportive- I was so overwhelmed starting this process after suffering a miscarriage, but they guided me the entire way and always made me feel supported and any questions we had were always addressed. We found out we had success after the FET of two embryos, however had a vanishing twin pregnancy. It was very bittersweet, but we were pregnant again with our rainbow baby & Brown Fertility supported me fully through this process— I recall them bringing  me in for multiple scans until I graduated to my OB/GYN to ease my mind and anxiety.”

At 35 weeks pregnant, mom gave birth to beautiful healthy baby Sienna in February 2021!