Ovulation happens at different times each month. Don’t miss your window.

Most days of your cycle, it’s actually pretty difficult to get pregnant. Sperm only live for about 5 days, and they have to come in contact with a mature, released egg in order for you to conceive. Because of this, having intercourse at the wrong time during your cycle can be the reason you’re not conceiving. You’re most fertile in the 3 days leading up to ovulation and the day you ovulate. If you miss this window by even a day your chances to conceive decrease.

Timed intercourse methods usually work best with medications.

To stimulate hormones and promote egg growth, timed intercourse methods often involve medications that help you ovulate, such as Femara/Letrozole or Clomid. You can expect to visit us for a handful of ultrasound and lab-monitoring appointments.