I am so impressed with Brown Fertility. They are very professional, compassionate and caring. Their patient care is exceptional. Hands down one of the best!Pamela C Cates-Smith, M.D.

I highly recommend Dr. Brown for my infertility patients. In addition to outstanding success rates, Dr. Brown has great customer service and shows genuine concern for the patients. The feedback I receive is always positive and encouraging.Kai Fu, M.D.

Dr. Brown treats our patients well. They return to us happy with their care and their resultsDr. Rebekah Richmond, Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

We have had great success with Dr. Brown. Our patients and our staff love him!Dr. Michelle McLanahan Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

Dr. Brown is a good doctor. Our patients are pleased with his service and they come back happy and pregnant.Dr. Paul Rebenack, Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

I completely trust Dr Brown with any type of patient. He is an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. He’s got it all!Dr. Lynda Balint, Ob/Gyn, Orlando

Our patients love Dr. Brown. They find him to be knowledgeable, compassionate and sensitive to their infertility issues. Many say they have gone to other doctors and Dr. Brown spends much more time with them. Patients seem to be pleased with his care.Dr. Todd Rasner, Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

As a gyn-practice, I have been referring to Brown Fertility for several years and continue to feel very confident my patients receive top-notch care. Referrals are extremely important to me and my practice and without reservation, I endorse the compassionate, skillful and successes that I have seen with my patients that have been under the Brown Fertility group.Dr. Steven McCarus

I refer to Dr. Brown because of my firsthand experience. He is a truly caring and compassionate doctor, perfect for patients who are going through such an emotional time.Dr. Thomas Enyart, Ob/Gyn, Orlando

Our patients have been very happy with the care they have received from Dr. Brown and his staff. They come back to us with good results.Dr. Sayra Sievert, Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

Our patients are treated well at Brown Fertility. When they return to us, they are satisfied with their treatment plans and outcomesDr. Kathryn Bing, Ob/Gyn, Jacksonville

Dr. Brown has always taken great care of our patients. He is an excellent doctor and person. I recommend him without reservations.Dr. Frank Trogolo

Dr. Brown is a tremendous asset to our medical community. I recommend him to patients, but also to friends and family. He has a wonderful combination of compassion and expertise that make him an excellent physician.Dr. Sarah Austin, Women’s Physicians of Jacksonville