Clinical Results

According to clinical studies and relative to CDC data, Brown Fertility has achieved these results:

85% fertilization success rates 1
Among the nation’s highest IVF pregnancy rates 2
83% pregnancy rate for women aged 36-39 3

Why is this extraordinary?

On average, there is a decline in female fertility starting in the mid-thirties. The typical pregnancy rate for women aged 36-39 is around 52%. 3

Among the lowest egg retrieval cancellation rates in the nation 4

What are cancellation rates and why is this important?

With each IVF egg retrieval cycle, there is an expectation of an intended egg retrieval. The cycle can be cancelled if the physician determines the cycle is not optimal for the best pregnancy outcome, and thus no eggs are retrieved. Low cancellation rates suggest conditions that optimize the opportunity to retrieve eggs. According to data submitted to CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health, Brown Fertility has one of the lowest cancellation rates in the country.


America’s Best Fertility Clinics 5

The America’s Best Fertility Clinics 2024 ranking lists the top 100 fertility clinics as defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Over 3,000 reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists, obstetricians/gynecologists working in and referring patients to fertility clinics, other medical professionals (e.g., registered nurse, laboratory assistant) and fertility clinic administrators/managers working in fertility clinics to participate in the survey. Participants were asked to assess confidence in their assessment of the fertility clinics, which was used to determine individual weights for the recommendations. Three data sources were evaluated to identify leading fertility clinics: Recommendation from peers, KPI ART metric, and Accreditations.


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