Egg donation makes you a part of a miracle.

Being an egg donor is a huge act of compassion and brings hope to women who can’t conceive on their own. If you’re healthy, without any known genetic conditions, and are between the ages of 18 and 29, you can help other women experience pregnancy and have a baby.

To be accepted as a donor, a few tests are needed first.

Donors undergo a few screenings before being accepted by our program. Your first one will include a detailed history. We’ll also go over the medical, social, emotional, financial, and legal aspects of egg donation. Your second screening is more extensive. Medical or genetic tests and physical and psychological evaluations are often done. None of the donor prep work or tests cost you anything. If you meet all of the qualifications, you’ll be accepted into our donor pool.

Being a donor is anonymous, unless you are donating to someone you know.

Unless your egg recipient is already someone you know, all other situations are anonymous. You’ll provide a picture for our donor base, but the recipient will not be told the egg donor’s identity and you won’t be told theirs.