My husband and I decided to begin trying to conceive in 2010. We thought it would happen relatively quickly. When it didn’t, I started tracking my ovulation to better time our intercourse. After several months with no luck, I went to my OB/GYN. He prescribed a medication to induce ovulation. I took the medication for 4 months and conceived twice. Both times ended in a miscarriage by 5 weeks. We were heartbroken and feeling very defeated. My OB decided it was time to see a infertility specialist and referred me to a doctor that he said was excellent, Dr. Brown. From the very first meeting, I was very impressed with Dr. Brown’s thoroughness, positive attitude and compassion. He explained my infertility treatment options and we decided on my treatment. Over the next year, I had several tests and treatments. I conceived two more times which also ended in miscarriages due to a blighted ovum and triploidy. I was convinced it wasn’t in the cards for us. Dr. Brown, however, wasn’t ready to give up on me. Even though I was advanced maternal age (37), he knew I still had a few good eggs left and convinced me to give it another shot. He modified my treatment plan and then tweaked it along the way when he discovered I wasn’t responding as well as He expected. I am so happy he was closely monitoring me and making adjustments as needed because his magic worked and I went on to have a beautiful baby boy from that cycle! We named him Donovan, which means strong fighter. We knew he must be a strong fighter after suffering four miscarriages in a row before conceiving him. Donovan is our miracle baby; Dr. Brown is our miracle worker!

Forever grateful,
Holly D.