We began “trying” in 2010 yet we were unsuccessful. We consulted with my OBGYN and close friends & family and they referred us to 3 different infertility specialists. Dr. Brown was the 2nd doctor we met with. He was wonderful! He listened to us and was understanding & compassionate of our needs and wants in starting our family and created a specific plan for us that we were comfortable with and explained everything in a way that we could understand. At that 1st appointment, Dr. Brown spent an hour with us and I will never forget what he said at the end of our 1st meeting “you guys will get pregnant, trust me.” We left there feeling a huge weight had been lifted because we knew we had found our infertility doctor. He treated us like real people, not just another patient.

In April 2011 I underwent laparoscopic surgery to check for endometriosis. During the procedure, Dr. Brown found a small amount endometriosis which he was able to remove and less than 2 weeks later we started our 2nd round of IUI. On the morning of May 28th 2011, I was up early to finish packing for a holiday weekend getaway. I decided to take a pregnancy test. I left the test on the bathroom counter and continued getting ready for the day. As I walked by carrying clothes to put in my suitcase I glanced at the test… and I noticed it looked different. I thought to myself, “Holy cow, is that a plus sign?!” I screamed to my sound asleep husband “Honey, wake up, wake up! I just took a pregnancy test and its positive!!” After all the negatives we had seen, we just couldn’t believe we were looking at a positive pregnancy test. We ended our mini vacation early so I could return to Dr. Brown’s office for the blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Once we got the call confirming the pregnancy, we finally believed it; we were going to have a baby. On Monday July 17th he will be 7 months old and is completely happy & healthy!

Although we didn’t get pregnant “the natural way” we learned that we were not alone. Dr. Brown takes the time to get to know his patients and explore new technology and procedures to help grow families. We are so grateful for Dr. Brown and his staff for their care and assistance during our treatment.

Cy and Kelly