Our journey begins eight years ago.  A year after we were married, we decided to have children.  When we didn’t conceive right away, we made an appointment for a semen analysis.  We found out that the sperm count was very low.  We had no words to confront these results.  For several years we left this matter aside, but it was always present in our hearts.

Three years ago we decided to make our first appointment with an infertility doctor. The process was very painful and stressful.   Both attempts at pregnancy failed.  Overcome with feelings of disappointment and frustration, we decided to take a break for a year.  Thanks to God, this very difficult stage made us closer as a couple.  Still, we had not been given a specific diagnosis and we were looking for answers.

A good friend told me about Dr. Samuel Brown.  At our first appointment with Dr. Brown we arrived nervous and scared.  However, everyone was so kind, we immediately felt comfortable.  Dr. Brown is a man who inspires hope when he speaks, and that’s was what we were looking for- that human touch within this process.  The staff was always very professional and very friendly.  The procedure was much more simple and short.  They explained everything to us very clearly and the staff helped us through each step.

Thanks to God for putting life in my womb and for giving wisdom and compassion to Dr. Brown!  Our child is an answered prayer.  Now that we have our baby we can say it was worth the pain, the fights and all we endured.  We never surrendered.

Mr. and Mrs. Diaz