My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers. We never imagined that we would have trouble conceiving. We met Dr. Brown about 5 years after we started trying. I was then diagnosed with endometriosis. After having laparoscopic surgery, we started trying again. After another 5 years we became very discouraged and realized, with Dr. Brown’s help, that IVF would be our only way to conceive. He never rushed or pressured us into any treatments or procedures and we felt very comfortable.

We knew it would be emotionally difficult and that there was a chance it would not work. We decided to go forth with the help and support of Dr. Brown. He was very understanding of our needs and emotions. With his help we now have our first son, Georgios. He was born healthy and is the most amazing gift we have received. Thank you Dr. Brown, without you we would not have our bundle of joy. I have, and will continue, referring friends to Dr. Brown.