My wife and I first came to Dr. Brown’s office because we were experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. We were interested in seeing a reproductive endocrinologist because our OBGYN was not being very proactive, and was unwilling to take the necessary steps to ensure we did not suffer through another loss. From the start, Dr. Brown began conducting aggressive treatments and tests. We felt his approach was the best for our given situation. Dr. Brown held my wife’s hand and assured her that everything would be okay. He was very confident that we would have a successful pregnancy.

With a six-month deployment looming in the near future, my wife and I wanted to do everything we could to try and get pregnant once again before I had to leave for the Middle East. So we elected to do an IUI, which was an effortless process with the expertise of Dr. Brown’s office. A week into my deployment to Bahrain, we found out that we were pregnant again! Dr. Brown and his wonderful nurses knew my wife’s anxiety would be high until we were out of the first trimester, especially since I was away. They closely monitored my wife and baby for the first 12 weeks of our pregnancy, which comforted both of us very much. After a lot of prayer, nine months later we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful daughter, on August 15th.

Miscarrying is one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through. Having a doctor who will stand by your side and help you determine what exactly is going on and not wasting time is such a crucial thing. Dr. Brown’s faith based practice was the right fit for us from the start, and they truly gave my wife and I the confidence and treatment to ensure that our dream of becoming parents came true.