Seven years ago when we were first starting our new lives together as newlyweds, we knew that having a family one day was something we both wanted. We also knew that conceiving wasn’t going to be easy due to some infertility issues, but had hoped and prayed that one day God would make it happen for us. Five years later we found ourselves in Dr. Brown’s office for a non-fertility related consult. When the subject of starting a family and difficulties in conceiving came up, some options were presented to us that would increase our chances in finally being able to start a family. We weren’t initially on-board with the idea of medical intervention. Like many others we felt that if God wanted us to be able to start a family, that he would have just made it happen on his own, in his time.

After some additional discussion we, somewhat reluctantly, decided to move forward seeking the help of Dr. Brown and scheduled a IVF procedure. We wavered back-and-forth from the time the appointment was made on what to do. We still felt that we were somewhat working against God and doing something unnatural. The morning of the first procedure as we sat waiting for Dr. Brown we had made our minds up to tell him we decided to not go forward. We shared our thoughts and feelings with him and he was very understanding but assured us of how much in God’s hands everything still was. After giving us some time to discuss it privately, we decided to move forward with the IVF procedure.

It ultimately took three separate cycles for us to conceive. Throughout that time we prayed and sought God continuously, and continuing to ask for his will in our lives. On December 6, 2010 we gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy. There is absolutely not a single ounce of doubt in our minds that he is an incredibly special gift that God picked out just for us, and we cannot thank him enough for the joy he has brought into our lives.

To us, the takeaway from our story is this: Sometimes we get too focused waiting for God to do something the way that we think he wants to do it, when in reality he often operates through others to help those things come to pass. We are truly thankful for Dr. Brown and his staff, and the opportunity that we shared for God to use him in our life.