My wife and I battled infertility for four years; she has endometriosis and although we had surgery for it, was unsuccessful at getting pregnant on our own.  After multiple failed IUI attempts (seven in total), we sought out international adoption.  When our adoption plans stalled, we looked into an IVF procedure again because of my wife’s age (34 at the time).  We had originally looked into it, but decided not pursue it due to religious and financial concerns.  We met with Dr. Brown in his Tallahassee office, and he explained what options would be best for us while considering our religious and financial concerns.

We were so happy and relieved to hear that Dr. Brown is a Christian and that his practice does not destroy embryos.  Since we opted to go with minimal stimulation, we felt that Brown Fertility’s “Commitment to Conception Plan” was best for us even though it would be more financially.  Dr. Brown did tell us that chances for conception would be reduced since we were choosing to go with minimal stimulation, but he understood our desire to not compromise our beliefs over money.  He was not only sensitive to our situation, beliefs, and religious concerns, but he did not pressure us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with.  He explained things in detail, and was wonderful about mixing in encouragement while being realistic.

We were very happy with our experience at Brown Fertility.  Ultimately, three eggs were retrieved with two surviving.  We implanted one embryo with ICSI and were pregnant on our first try!  My wife and I are still amazed, yet tremendously grateful for God’s provision and blessing – our daughter was born on January 24, 2015 at 6 lbs. 9 oz.

Thank you, Dr. Brown and the staff at Brown Fertility, for helping us grow our family.  We are extremely thankful for all of the care and concern you showed to me and my wife.

– Henry and Amanda