In 2007 my husband Justin and I we found out we were pregnant and on December 6, 2007 we welcomed our son, Ryder Clifton Gaskins. When Ryder was 4 we discussed adding another little one to our family.  We didn’t worry at first when I wasn’t getting pregnant because we were so busy with three active boys, two of which came from my husband’s previous marriage. We then started to worry a bit more on why I wasn’t conceiving as I had done so easily before.

I saw an amazing OB/GYN in Jacksonville who ran tests, one of which was to see if my fallopian tubes were open for the eggs to travel through.  He discovered that in all the trauma having my son my cervix had closed.  He did a procedure to re-open my cervix and we then proceeded with Clomid and 2 rounds of IUI.  Nothing was working to our dismay. So he referred us to Dr. Brown. From the get go, Dr. Brown was positive and incredibly optimistic about us getting pregnant.

So much so that when he inserted the first embryo on our scheduled day he said “That’s it, congratulations, you’re pregnant!” And WE WERE!!!  It was so amazing.  The boys were so excited and we set out on the first part of the first trimester of pregnancy.

On January 27th we went in for an appointment with our OB.  They found no heartbeat.  They did an ultrasound and found that we had lost the baby.  We were absolutely devastated.  Over the next month we took the time for my body to recover.  We discovered that the baby was in fact a boy and we named him Hayer Davis Gaskins. His name is from all three of the boy’s names H (Hunter) ay (Payton) er (Ryder).

We contacted Dr. Brown’s office the following month and they said we could do another round of IVF.  With more weight on our shoulders, and more concerns than ever, we began the journey once more.  And once again we were met with amazing optimism, positivity and this time hugs and reassurance that we will have our little one soon.

On January 26, 2018, almost one year later to the day of losing our son, we welcomed our little GIRL and rainbow baby Scarlett Rayne Gaskins.  A beautiful, healthy baby girl!!  She weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 inches long.  She is the happiest baby.  She loves all her big brothers and of course Mommy and Daddy are her world.  She’s already mastered how to get any of us to do exactly what she wants and we all do it with a giggle and say, “That’s our Scarlett, the Queen!”

When we look at her we are reminded of the incredible journey we had to go through to get her here.  Dr. Brown gave us our little angel, our little rainbow baby, our little girl and the most precious little miracle ever.  God bless you all that work for this amazing office and God bless you Dr. Brown for everything you’ve done to give us our sweet Scarlett!

Stacie Gaskins