My husband and I were married in November 2015 and immediately started trying to conceive. Having been diagnosed with PCOS and being over the age of 35, my OBGYN said we should only try unassisted for about 6 months before seeking other options. After the first 6 months we wanted to try Clomid before anything else and once again, we found ourselves disappointed month after month. With 40 fast approaching we decided to look into finding a reproductive endocrinologist and after lots of research and a glowing recommendation from my OBGYN we decided it was time to begin our journey with Brown Fertility. 

  We went through all the testing and were completely shocked when our results came back and I was diagnosed with diminishing ovarian reserve.  Dr. Brown was very caring, compassionate and even more so, very honest with us. He let us know that he was willing to help us with IVF if that is what we wanted, however, he did not believe that it would be successful and mentioned donor eggs as an option in which we were not open to due to our beliefs. This was all such devastating news, however, God had already shown and prepared us for our path even before our results came back. We had learned about donor embryos (“snowflake babies”by a family member and had already started to do the research before going into the office to get our results.  We also had researched adoption and fostering.  We decided to ask Dr. Brown if there was anything he knew about it and if he could refer us to someone who could assist us moving forward towards donor embryos. To our surprise he let us know they had donors right there waiting and everything could be handled by Brown Fertility. We knew in that moment we were right where we were supposed to be and felt a sense of hope that we thought we lost along what had been so far a very difficult path.  

 We immediately began looking at profiles and getting everything set up for the next cycle. A few weeks before our transfer we were contacted about a profile that we should take a look at and sure enough we felt drawn to these little embryos!! On September 21, 2017 God, Dr. Brown, the staff at Brown Fertility, and this selfless donor family helped make our dreams come true. 

  Our beautiful miracle Ciela Grace was born absolutely perfect on June 8, 2018 and has brought so much joy into our lives as well as all of those she meets. We are so very blessed and forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Brown and all of those at Brown Fertility who helped us along our journey.   

The Burkett Family