I want to share my story in hopes that it will provide a sense of hope to never give up! My journey of infertility was not an easy one however it was proven that it was not an impossible one. Lots of laughter, prayers, hope, and tears were shed in this process to only end with the best gift ever…. my little piece of heaven in my arms.
It all started back in 2006. I remember I was a newly wed. I was so excited to begin motherhood. We immediately began trying to conceive only to be diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) one year later of actively trying. I went to numerous doctors, trying this and trying that even acupuncture for several years all being unsuccessful for me. I remember I went to one specific doctor who shall remain nameless, I’ll never forget his exact words to me. He told me “Natalie you have less than 3% chance to conceive so you might as well give up. You have PCOS your over weight and there’s nothing I can do for you. by this time it was 2014. I remember I cried the entire way home I felt so hopeless and alone, like I was not worth anything. I mean I couldn’t even do what women are basically called to do. I could not reproduce. I immediately called my husband and I told him my experience and he heard the total devastation in my voice. He told me never lose faith. Faith and hope is all we have at this moment. I remember I used that devastation and turned it into my motivation. Now I was determined to have my baby in my arms… eventually! I began to research and among my research I found this ad of Brown Fertility. There was seminar in Winter Park the following weekend. I immediately signed us up and we went. I remember my husband trying to encourage me he said “honey I have a good feeling about this seminar”. At this seminar we met Dr. Brown and Dr. Cabrera.


I sat there and looked around and seen so many people just like me. I know it sounds mean but I felt so much comfort knowing I was not alone in this situation there were others with hopes and dreams of becoming a mommy just like myself. Once Dr. Cabrera began to speak he stated basically my entire process he spoke about the HSG test and PCOS and infertility issues. Then something happened, I felt as if he knew me and my entire life story yet he didn’t even know my name. I immediately signed myself up for a consultation. Dr Cabrera took his sweet time and reviewed each medical record document I took. And boy were there tons of pages there. (Hahaha) He had so much patience and so much compassion towards me I immediately told my husband I wanted to continue this journey with Dr. Cabrera and see where it took me. I remember Dr Cabrera told me let’s do testing and we will get together again and I will make a plan. In the meantime I began to lose weight as I was obese.  Keeping those hurtful words from that previous doctor in the back of my mind. I listened to every detail Dr. Cabrera told me to do. Actually Dr. Cabrera saved my life. In the mist of his testings and reviewing all my records he discovered I had Adult  congenital Hyperplasia. It’s rare yet one of the reasons my hormone levels would never normalize if left untreated. It could have ended extremely badly for me, but that goes to show you how detailed and intelligent Dr. Cabrera truly is. Dr. Cabrera immediately prescribed a medication which I call my magic pill . After taking this medication for several weeks my body immediately began to feel better and my levels began to normalize. That’s when my true journey to motherhood began. By this time it was mid 2015. I told Dr Cabrera I wanted to take time to allow my body to catch up with all the amazing changes Dr Cabrera helped fix. I returned 2018.


By this time I was ready to go full force. I remember I asked Dr. Cabrera to metaphorically hold my hand and not allow me to give up. I would only give up if he truly believed there were no more options. By this time I had so much faith and trust in Dr Cabrera. To me he was like a father figure to me. When he spoke I listened, when he gave instructions or lectures I accepted every word no matter how deep, happy or sad it may have been because I knew he spoke to me with such compassion and from his heart. We started in February 2019 I did my first IUI (Artificial insemination). To my surprise it was a success I became pregnant for the first time. We all were ecstatic. Only to find out my quantitive numbers were not doubling. By April 2019 on my birthday I found out I was having an ectopic pregnancy. I seen the hurt and disappointment in Dr Cabrera’s eyes when he told me we had to terminate this pregnancy. I remember Dr Cabrera stayed with me to make sure I was ok before letting me leave that office. His paternal heart and compassion kicked in again. He promised me this would not be the end. He reminded me my own words that he would not let me give up. June 2019 I did my second IUI this one was unsuccessful. My husband and I immediately decided to jump into IVF. that July 2019 we began our IVF journey. Began medications and scheduled my retrieval for august 2019. I was not able to do a fresh transfer due to my Hyper Ovarian Stimulation. 2 weeks later I began my treatment for my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). 10/2019 Transfer day arrived. We transferred 2 embryos in hopes of getting at least one baby. To our surprise 12 days later we were pregnant.


A few weeks later only to find out we were pregnant with twins. Oh my goodness were we ecstatic!!!! Twins!!! We were so careful and in shock with our second pregnancy. Only to lose twin B at 7 weeks. My twin A had a vanishing twin.On February 6th, 2020 At 18 weeks and 5 days I delivered my son Liam Ortiz due to incompetent cervix. Back to the drawing board we went. Before I could schedule an appointment I received a call from Brown Fertility. One of the nurses, my favorite nurse called me to extend her condolences from Dr Cabrera and all my Brown fertility family. My heart was so full. They truly made an awful situation feel so much better. I felt such warmth from that call from the nurse. I went from feeling so hurt and alone to knowing I had an office full of a team ready to be right by my side throughout my grieving process. By this time we had been through so much together I felt as if they felt what I felt. I immediately scheduled an appointment because I wanted to speak with Dr Cabrera as to when I could go for my next round. I felt so close to my grand prize I knew I couldn’t give up just yet. Just 2 months later I was ready to begin again. When I went to the office I have never felt so much love from Dr. Cabrera and the staff. We cried and hugged at that time Covid did not exist. I then began my second round of FET process again.

This time I knew better and I listened to Dr. Cabrera when he advised me to only transfer 1 embryo. Finally transfer day arrived May 21st, 2020. To my great surprise we were officially pregnant again with our second FET and our due date was February 6th 2021. I immediately broke down to cry, Dr Cabrera just looked at me with complete excitement with the hugest smile in his face and said to me … Seems like it’s fate! Again my heart was full. This time we took extra precautions and I went to MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) and a cervical cerclage was placed in August 2020 at 14 weeks.

My journey finally had a silver lining. My cervical cerclage was removed at 36 weeks and 4 days, My miracle was born January 26th 2021 at 38 weeks and 4 days. With that said allow me to introduce the miracle Dr. Cabrera and the Brown Fertility staff helped conceive along with faith, hope and perseverance his name Lukas Ortiz. My heart is and will forever more be so grateful to Dr. Cabrera and his staff for allowing and helping my dream of becoming a mother come true. After 15 years of endless treatments my dream is a reality!