Dr. Brown,
Our fertility journey started at a different firm and was really an attempt to help us realize there was nothing wrong with either of us. It turned out that we had a chromosome issue and not only were we going to have to seek help for a pregnancy but we were going to have to go the most expensive route to ensure we are implanting healthy embryos. I was so heartbroken about our news and quite upset at how insensitive the doctor was about this situation.

I was pushed by my family to seek another opinion. Then we met you. Your demeanor was so much more caring, and we felt you had an understanding of the emotions that the people on the other side of your desk feel as they find out that they aren’t going to start their family as easily as most people. That day Scott and I began feeling encouraged about the situation. We were faced with a chromosome imbalance called Robertsonian Translocation. Because of the complications resulting from the chromosome abnormality our embryos had to be sampled and sent to a genetic specialist for an analysis if there was a balanced set of chromosomes. We were so nervous as we sat in the office ready to hear the results of the genetic testing and to begin our implant.

When you walked in and told us there was only one embryo that was balanced and the one we were going to implant, I was devastated. You were so sweet telling us to stay positive and that all we need is one embryo to make a baby. I cried the entire time I was on the table for the implant procedure, thinking we would likely not be successful. I remember there being a nurse drying my tears and saying she was going to pray that this was going to be successful and we were going to have this little baby. You continued calmly with the procedure, trying to make me understand that there was still a great possibility this is going to work. I felt like collectively you cared about what was happening for Scott and me, and that it could work. After two weeks, we found out that the embryo had implanted and I was pregnant. I failed to mention that our implant was done on Mother’s day 2010. That will, by far, be the best mother’s day of my life. I know they’ve only just begun, but I wouldn’t necessarily have them in my future if it weren’t for this first one.

We welcomed Mallory Hayes Cooper to the world on January 25, 2011. She is our little miracle. Without a doubt, if we were to do it again the journey would be an easy one going through it with you and your staff. I was so scared and defeated at the beginning of this journey. You and your staff were all so caring and supportive towards us, yet never minimizing the fact that this obstacle is a difficult situation for couples, from many views. This never felt like a business/client relationship, as I see some doctors’ offices becoming. It was people helping others make their seemingly impossible dreams come true. Thanks for giving us our little girl and showing us so much compassion along our difficult journey!

Much Love from,
Lindsay and Scott Cooper