Seven years ago, my husband and I were married and excited at the anticipation of beginning a family. What we didn’t expect, are the battles we faced. During our first year of marriage, we felt lost and confused and didn’t know where to turn.

Then we met Dr. Samuel Brown and all of that changed. Rarely do you find a doctor who not only shares your faith, but shares your struggles. Dr. Brown not only had the warmest demeanor of any doctor with which we had met, but he was also leading his field with cutting-edge technologies and used medicines which were only beginning to be used in his field. He calmed our fears, reassured our dreams of having a family, and gave us many, many options. He created a path which was acceptable emotionally and financially to us and put absolutely no pressure of a timeline ~ which for us, was very important, feeling already defeated.

With Dr. Brown walking us hand-in-hand, we began our long journey. We stopped and started treatments, Dr. Brown moved away and returned, until finally last year we all determined we were ready for our final push. Everyone on his staff knew us by name and supported us with every visit. Each treated us with immense dignity and privacy, always with hopeful anticipation. We found it most comforting to know we were in the care of a doctor who had truly been in our own shoes. His patience, kindness, and faithful listening ear, made it easy for us to battle the ups and downs.

On January 19, 2011, after waiting for five and a half years, I was able to call Dr. Brown’s office to report a positive pregnancy test. Nothing could have prepared my husband and I for that moment and Dr. Brown and all of his staff were as excited for us as our own families were.

We can happily report we welcomed our daughter one early morning in September. We can never express our gratitude enough to Dr. Brown and his staff at Brown Fertility Associates and we cannot recommend them to enough couples experiencing some of our own anguish. The battles we faced taught us much and we are thankful to have had a trusted friend walk with us. Thank you, Dr. Brown, for your heart, for sharing in our excitement, and for giving thousands of families an opportunity to share in what we have experienced.

– The Critzer family