Our infertility journey began almost 7 years ago… When my wife Ginnie and I got married we instantly became a veritable “Brady Bunch”; she had a son and daughter, and I had two sons and two daughters from our previous marriages. When we first met she proudly proclaimed that she would never remarry and since she had a tubal ligation after her daughter was born she would never have another child. NEVER SAY NEVER! Shortly after we got married, Ginnie began discussing the possibility of having her tubal ligation reversed. Ginnie found a practice that performed tubal reversals with a very high success rate. The first month we could try to conceive, we were successful, but it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. After a year or so of charting basal temperatures and cycles, etc. we were unable to conceive again. We were somewhat discouraged and unsure if God’s will was for us to become parents again.

After a period of prayer and reconsideration Ginnie began to research the egg donor process. We consulted with Dr. Brown and were immediately impressed with his generosity of his time, his recommendations and willingness to help us fulfill our dream, and his love for his chosen profession. When he told us “God is the giver of life, I just get to help in the process” we knew that the Lord had led us to Dr. Brown. As we began the donor process, there were a few setbacks and a couple of restarts; again making us wonder if we were following God’s will. In retrospect, we see God’s hand guiding us all along the way.

We were blessed to be able to become pregnant on our first try with donor eggs. Our dreams became reality on March 8, 2012; our son Dawson was born, a healthy, beautiful child. Dawson’s six older siblings, all 25 to 29 years of age, are thrilled with their new little brother. We thank the Lord for blessing us so mightily. We cannot thank Dr. Brown and Lisa, our IVF coordinator, enough for their patience and encouragement throughout our journey. We truly believe that Dr. Brown is a Godly man and we are so blessed that God brought us to him. I am so, so blessed.

Michael J.