Fertility testing doesn’t have to be painful—and it shouldn’t be.

An HSG is a short outpatient procedure and performed in our office. Most women only have mild cramping during an HSG. But others, especially those who experience pelvic issues, pain during intercourse, or discomfort during annual well-woman exams, report more discomfort than what’s average. We don’t want that for you. With the help of Nitronox (an inhalation analgesia that’s often used in dental procedures), we can schedule you a pain-free HSG from the start. Nitronox is 50% nitrous oxide gas and 50% oxygen—and 100% safe. It works by telling your body to release dopamine and endorphins, which help minimize any anxiety or discomfort you could feel.

Don’t feel like nitrous oxide is for you?

  • Takes effect as you take deep breaths through a special mask
  • Women say it makes them feel relaxed, light, and a pleasantly tingly
  • Side effects like dizziness or nausea can occur but aren’t common
  • With our guidance, you can self-administer throughout your procedure as you need it
  • Wears off 5–10 minutes after you stop using the mask