Marissa and Brady Hollenbacher knew they’d need a little help when they wanted to start building their family. Marissa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2012 and due to her chemotherapy treatments, knew she would need to use  a donor egg to get pregnant. Feeling hopeless after visiting another fertility center, she and husband Brady turned to Brown Fertility in November of 2020 to help them achieve their dream of being parents.

Marissa recalls that after speaking with Dr. Brown and the donor department,  she felt complete confidence in the process of IVF and that this team had her back. Brown Fertility answered all of their questions, was easily accessible  and provided confidence and solutions to their needs  that the other center hadn’t been able to offer.

“I truly do believe that when you have to go through something as bad or as hard or as sad as it is that we can’t get pregnant naturally, I think finding the place where you feel like its home or like it’s a safe place for me that was the most important thing, and that’s what Brown Fertility gave us.” – Marissa Hollenbacher