My husband and I married in 2009 after dating several years. My husband already had three children, but I wanted to have a child with him. Due to my age (37) and past ectopic pregnancies, I didn’t want to wait. I knew time was of the essence. We went to see Dr. Brown and from the minute we met with him, he was nothing but professional, sweet and POSITIVE! I started the IVF process in November of 2009 and in August 2010 we welcomed our first baby boy, Stone!

We went back to Dr. Brown knowing we wanted another little one and a younger sibling for Stone to grow up with. Even though I was almost 40, Dr. Brown explained the statistics and percentages for my age, but NEVER made us feel it couldn’t happen. I started the IVF process again in January and it was unsuccessful. Discouraged and frustrated, Dr. Brown assured us to not give up and trust it will happen. We tweaked the medicines and length/timing of some things and after the third attempt we were successful! I remember calling Dr. Brown on his cell phone and telling him “I know I’m not pregnant. I can tell and don’t feel anything”. He said to me “It’s way too early for you to know anything. Don’t give up.” He was right. I was pregnant and delivered my second baby boy, Duke, on March 25, 2013.Dr. Brown definitely found his purpose in life! He is truly a Miracle Baby Maker. I always admired him and how he could always remain so professional and caring when he constantly had a room full of patients and a schedule that would drive many crazy. My husband and I will always hold a special place in our hearts for Dr. Brown! Without him, we wouldn’t have the family we have today.

Denise Fromme