After trying to get pregnant on our own without success, we decided to have some testing done. We came to Dr. Brown for a second opinion and thankfully, he was able to correctly diagnose the problem that was causing our infertility. Dr. Brown’s knowledge and expertise gave us the confidence we needed to make some difficult decisions. His compassion and faith gave us comfort and a sense of peace and helped us through a very difficult season of our life.

After much prayer, we decided to take his recommendation and complete a cycle of IVF. I ended up being a poor responder to the medication and after our cycle, we ended up with only two embryos and none left over to freeze. Even though this was difficult news to digest, we felt all along that God was in complete control and trusted Him through it all. We were extremely blessed to have both embryos implant and we became pregnant with twins! If that wasn’t enough of a miracle, I carried them to 36 weeks and was able to deliver them both without a c-section. Praise God!

Without the love and care of Dr. Brown and his staff, we would not have been able to make it through such a difficult journey. We will forever be thankful for the care we received and the friendships we made. Our two precious miracle babies are a daily reminder of just how blessed we are!

Christopher and Clara (born March 21, 2013)

Scott & Katy