After having three natural miscarriages, I went in for a consult with Dr. Brown. I was sent out for blood work and while going over my results he said “That’s it, that’s why you keep having miscarriages! Turns out I have the MTHFR (I’m compound heterozygous which means I have a copy of it on both genes. It’s the most severe kind!) gene mutation. He was surprised I had even gotten pregnant on my own. At that time I was not financially or mentally ready to undergo further treatment so I walked out thinking I would never be able to do this.

I met my husband and nine months later we got married. We both come from large families and knew we wanted a big family as well! We tried for six years on our own and got pregnant twice and unfortunately lost both pregnancies. He switched jobs and his new insurance covered IVF but I put it off because I was so nervous about it not working! I went ahead and did another consult this time going straight for IVF.

We were able to retrieve fifteen eggs and of those, twelve fertilized and were waiting to send them out for PGS testing that following Monday. I got a call from Dr. Brown saying all of our embryos disintegrated and our hearts just sank. Turns out my egg quality is bad too…so we decided at our next appointment we would use donor embryos! We were set for FET in October 2018!

I missed an injection and ovulated which caused us to push our transfer further back and I almost gave up all hope! We finally got the green light and transferred two precious embabies (embryos) on December 20th. Found out in January that both were meant to be and we were pregnant with twins! On August 20th, 2019, Mason and Lylah Ilkovich were born at 4:44 at 5.15 lbs. (Mason) and 4:46 at 5.11 lbs. (Lylah). We will be transferring again in about a year for our third baby!!!

Keep the faith, God bless and wishing you lots of baby dust so that you can have your little miracle(s) too.