Our two year old, Reid, is truly our baby blessing! After four long years of infertility we were not sure what the future held for us in terms of having a child. When our doctor referred us to Brown Fertility Clinic we were anxious, scared and afraid of what we may be told. After meeting with Dr. Brown and his staff, we knew that we had found someone who was capable of helping us have our son.

Although multiple attempts of artificial insemination failed, we did not give up. Our next step was IVF. We were blessed with Brown Fertility and the IVF process was seamless. We were truly amazed and could not believe it when they told us that IVF worked and we were going to be parents.

Reid is full of energy and everyone who knows him, loves him. He is a church baby, an animal lover, and loves to be outdoors.

Thank you, Dr. Brown and Brown Fertility for helping us have our baby boy, Reid.

Dustin and Danyel Rucker