We began trying for a family as soon as we got married in April 2017 but after six months of trying we knew something wasn’t quite right. I hadn’t had a cycle in two months but all the pregnancy tests were negative. With a sinking feeling in my gut, I scheduled a new patient appointment with a competing fertility clinic. After countless hours of bloodwork and testing I was diagnosed with PCOS and we were informed that IVF would be the only treatment option available for our particular set of circumstances. Our time with the competing fertility clinic left us feeling hopeless and alone. They could not have been more clear that we were just another number, a paycheck to them.

Several friends had previously had success with Brown Fertility so we scheduled a consult. Meeting with Dr. Brown and his staff was night and day from our previous experience. Everyone was so welcoming and comforting that we felt right at home and were relieved that we had decided to switch clinics. Dr. Brown was kind, reassuring and optimistic. He took his time to explain our challenges and our options and ultimately helped us devise a treatment plan. After leaving our first consult we felt comforted. Our anxieties were calmed and we were hopeful again. This time, we had an entire team working towards our success and we were anything but “just a number.”

We met with our nurse, Kristina, to review the process and scheduled our first round of IVF for August 2018. Infertility can be a difficult road to walk but once we transferred to Brown Fertility we never felt like we were alone on this journey. Kristina and the rest of the staff were very present and assisted us with everything -scheduling, medication procurement and usage, and even helped navigate the roadblocks that the insurance company inevitably put up. I cannot say enough positive things about the staff at Brown Fertility but Kristina in particular was always available for reassurance when I needed it or to answer any silly little question that popped into my mind.

The retrieval process with Dr. Rose went smoothly and was relatively painless. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves back in the office to do a fresh embryo transfer. After an excruciating two week wait we got the call that our bloodwork was positive for a pregnancy and a few weeks later we were back at the office watching our little miracle’s heart beat on the ultrasound.

Maggie was born one month after our two year wedding anniversary and she is by far the greatest gift we’ve ever received. Waking up to her sweet smile every day, hearing that adorable giggle and watching her grow into her happy little personality has truly been the highlight of our lives and we are so unbelievably grateful to Dr. Brown and his staff for helping us achieve our dream of parenthood.

-Anthony and Alisha Macri