It is important for us to be able to share this wonderful experience with everyone in order to give hope to those who may have given it their all for granted. In the year 2012 I made myself an invitro with two embryos that did not work and only had one frozen one left. As a result of this harsh and sad reality, we were both very shocked and did not want to try again until later.


Seven years later, in the 2019 I went to Brown Fertility consultation with Dr. Rafael Cabrera and with him I did an FET. Honestly, I did not have any more options because I am 38 years old and my eggs were no longer with enough quality to try an Invitro again. All I had left was to do an FET or an embryo transfer.

Dr. Cabrera was always incredibly positive, and I thank him very much for the possibility he gave me when trying the FET.


Everything came out satisfactorily, on January 19, 2020 Liam was born, our most precious treasure.

Many thanks to Rafael Cabrera who carried out the whole process, Dr. Brown who did the procedure and all the medical team that was always there to answer our concerns.


Brown fertility certainly changed our lives when we thought it would be impossible.

It is beautiful to wake up and remember that we have a reason to fight, our life without Liam was empty and sad.


Thank you, Brown Fertility, to make our dream come true.

We are very grateful!