I remember being one of those patients looking longingly at the miracle babies that came to visit Brown Fertility and hoping I’d get to do the same one day.

My husband and I were devastated when our first pregnancy turned out to be ectopic and required emergency surgery. Not long after, our hopes to conceive were derailed yet again when an ultrasound revealed I had a cervical polyp that needed to be removed. We tried without success for many cycles before I tearfully called Dr. Cabrera for a fertility consultation. We desperately wanted to be parents. One VERY lucky round of Clomid and Ovidrel later…I had a positive pregnancy test.

At my six week ultrasound with Dr. Brown, I held my breath, half expecting him to tell me I wasn’t pregnant after all. He cheerfully showed us this tiny little dot, with an already beating heart, and said, “This one’s a keeper! Congratulations!” We cried with joy the whole way home and 9 months later we welcomed our precious baby boy, Calvin. He was worth the wait.

For those still waiting for their miracle or rainbow babies, don’t give up. Seeking help from Brown Fertility changed the course of my life forever. Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Brown have my eternal gratitude.