We got married in 2017 and started trying to conceive in 2018. I consulted my gynecologist before we started trying and she told me if we had any problems wait until a year of trying before we worried. So, we did. We waited and waited until little over a full year later we still had not had any luck.



On a recommendation from a friend, we decided to go see Dr. Brown. After running some tests on both of us he concluded we were good candidates for fertility treatments. We did two different IUI cycles that did not work out. After that we decided to try IVF.



It was really during the IVF process that we got to know Dr. Brown and the staff. We absolutely fell in love with them! I tell everyone I know that I wish Dr. Brown could be my labor and delivery doctor, my general practitioner, and our pediatrician! He is so easy going, has great bedside manner and so knowledgeable about what he is doing. We were thoroughly impressed every step of the way.






The entire process was so organized and laid out very simply for us. We were incredibly lucky to have a lot of eggs during the retrieval and from our very first embryo transfer we now have our precious baby boy. Beau Royce was born on January 13, 2021. We are over the moon in love and cannot thank Dr. Brown enough. Our little family would not have been possible if it were not for him!




Dr. Brown truly makes miracles happen every day. It still blows my mind that we now have this sweet son to call our own! We cannot wait to return to Dr. Brown to help our family grow even more!