Wondering what to expect on your first IVF consultation appointment? You are not alone! Most couples wonder what will happen when they meet their reproductive endocrinologist (REI) for the first time.

Infertility treatment is an emotional, and oftentimes overwhelming, process; it can feel like information overload with all the questions you may have about the number of appointments, what medicines to take and when, etc. You want to ensure that you have every important detail about your IVF cycle, but what questions should you ask to obtain this pertinent information?

IVF Consultation Questions

To help you make the most of your IVF consultation appointment, we have compiled a list of some of the most essential IVF consultation questions you will want to ask. Of course, these aren’t exhaustive, but they are a great start to learning about this treatment option and feeling more confident moving forward with your cycle.

  • What are Brown Fertility’s qualifications? Are your physicians’ board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists (REI’s)?
  • What are your success rates for my age range and type of IVF cycle I am going through?
  • Is my IVF treatment and protocol tailored to me and my individual needs?
  • What are the steps in the IVF process?
  • What kind of medication protocol and schedule will I have and what are some of the potential side effects? Will I need to go on birth control?
  • How often will I come in for monitoring?
  • Are there any vitamins or supplements that you would recommend I take? Are there any I should stop taking, and at what point in my cycle would you recommend me doing so?
  • Are there any recommended dietary changes?
  • How many eggs do you hope to retrieve?
  • Do you recommend bed rest after either my egg retrieval or transfer?
  • How many embryos will be transferred and what is my risk for multiples?
  • Will this transfer be on day 3 or day 5?
  • Will my transfer be fresh or frozen?
  • What are my options for unused embryos and where are these stored?
  • In our case, would you recommend that we have genetic testing done?
  • Will there be someone I can contact with questions throughout process?
  • Do you or could you recommend a counselor to help guide us through the emotions of this process?
  • When do we start?

At Brown Fertility, we understand that your ideal path to parenthood would not include infertility struggles and IVF, but we pride ourselves on being well-equipped to help you conceive your miracle.

To learn more about an IVF consultation at Brown Fertility, please call us at (904) 260-0352 for Jacksonville patients or (407) 244-5515 if you are located in Orlando; please complete our online contact form and our new patient coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment.