Lauren Mayhew

As an actress, singer and international DJ performer, Lauren is the definition of a female entrepreneur. We recently sat down with Lauren to discuss why she chose to freeze her eggs, here she gives her perspective.

I am a female entrepreneur and CEO of my own brand and I recently decided to have my eggs frozen for peace of mind – so that I can achieve all that I want to in life.

I have traveled the world and lived in very cosmopolitan places, especially LA, and there was a buzz I kept hearing but it never really grabbed me until recently. Surprisingly, as far as we have come along with awareness about IVF, not one gynecologist spoke to me about egg freezing or sometimes referred to as fertility preservation. In fact, no one talked to me about my options in preserving my “good” eggs for when I was ready to have a family later in life. It would have helped to know that the sooner you start thinking about it, and saving, the better and more affordable it is.

I am young but I am also career focused, and so many of us out there aren’t ready to have babies in our late 20s or early 30s – both our biological and our career primes. My reasoning for pursuing egg freezing has a lot to do with planning for a successful personal and professional life, rather than choosing one over the other. I felt prepared for egg freezing because I was able to educate myself on the process and find a fertility center that not only has amazing success rates, but has walked me through each step of the process.

I feel so grateful for Brown Fertility. They gave me peace of mind through the entire process – from the first consultation to the actual procedure, I felt like I was in the best hands. My experience at Brown Fertility was so smooth and easy, my only wish is I had done it sooner.

Here is why egg freezing was the right choice for me:

  • I can choose to have a family when it’s financially better for me and my future children
  • As I’ve hit a stride with my career, I would like to keep going. I want to wait for the right time to embark on an adventure with the love of my life, without biological pressures
  • I wanted this investment for myself and I am doing things on my own terms. You should know yourself whenever you’re ready
  • I feel empowered by the ability to control my present and plan for the future
  • If you’re in a relationship, your partner will probably appreciate the planning aspect