JACKSONVILLE, FL (August 1, 2017) – Dr. Bruce Rose, a reproductive endocrinologist with Brown Fertility is pleased to announce their first IVM pregnancy.

IVM is a ground breaking fertility treatment that is a more gentle approach to high tech reproduction than IVF, which in selected patients has almost as high a pregnancy rate as IVF. Most medications used with IVF are intended to enable the patient to develop multiple eggs that are mature. It is now possible to take eggs from a woman’s ovaries and mature them in the laboratory.

This means it is not necessary to treat women with high doses of stimulating hormones for two weeks before retrieving eggs. Technically, eggs can be retrieved at any time. These eggs can be matured in the laboratory (IVM), where they are then capable of being fertilized and embryos can be created using the normal IVF tools.

“Traditionally, physicians treat medical problems by using the least invasive, lowest side effect treatment first and then moving on to more aggressive treatments if they are needed.  This is the way we should view the relationship between IVM and IVF.  Patients at high risk for significant side effects with IVF could use the simpler, safer IVM approach; and if that fails them, then turn to IVF”, stated Dr. Bruce Rose.

Dr. Bruce Rose has one of the larger experiences with IVM in the United States, having performed more than 200 IVM cycles and published a half dozen papers on related topics. He has recently joined Brown Fertility to bring this new technique to the Jacksonville area.

About Brown Fertility: With more than 30 years of combined experience and the management of more than 7,000 IVF cycles, Dr. Samuel E. Brown, Dr. Rafael A. Cabrera and Dr. Bruce Rose are dedicated to Conceiving Miracles™. Brown Fertility offers a fully comprehensive array of fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization, egg donation and artificial insemination and is home to Florida’s most state-of-the-art IVF center, which produces some of the highest pregnancy rates in the country. Brown Fertility has earned a reputation for not only producing excellent outcomes and offering affordable treatment options, but also for providing patients with the one-on-one attention and the compassionate care they deserve. Visit brownfertility.com for more information.


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