Laparoscopy tells us a lot, and eliminates worries of larger incisions.

If you need—or think you might need—a laparoscopy, don’t worry. We’re experts at performing them and going over exactly what to expect. In a laparoscopy, you’ll have a very small incision right below your navel. A tiny fiber-optic telescope, or laparoscope, gets gently inserted to look for endometriosis, scarring, adhesions, or other pelvic problems. If we see something, we’ll usually be able to correct it at the same time, so you avoid a second surgery.

Except with large fibroids, most pelvic surgeries can be done laparoscopically.

  • Tiny incision
  • Same-day procedure
  • Diagnose and correct

Laparoscopic is a gentle way to treat pelvic problems and endometriosis. Let’s discuss if it’s right for you.

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