Kaye worked as a Medical Technologist for five years before venturing into the dynamic field of Andrology/IVF in 1986. She played a pivotal role in opening the first Andrology/IVF department in Jacksonville, which provided infertility testing, artificial insemination preparation, and In-Vitro Fertilization services to local physicians and patients. For a decade, Kaye was the sole Andrologist in this pioneering laboratory. She then transitioned to the plasmapheresis industry, where she served as a Quality Assurance Specialist and Training Supervisor for over 20 years.

In 2019, Kaye decided to return to the Andrology/IVF field, finding the advancements in procedures and techniques both amazing and exciting. She joined the Brown Fertility family in August 2023.

In her free time, Kaye serves as a County Coordinator for Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties for Audubon EagleWatch. This volunteer group monitors eagles and their nests from October to April. As a coordinator, she assigns new volunteers, provides training and guidance in observing eagles, and ensures accurate documentation for future studies by FWC, USFWS, and other organizations. Kaye also rescues eagles and eaglets in distress due to territorial disputes, weather issues, or nest accidents.

Balancing two distinct worlds, Andrology and eagle monitoring, Kaye stays busy, happy, and engaged.