Minimal Stimulation IVF

What Is A Minimum Stimulation Cycle?

Minimal stimulation IVF involves the same approach and procedures a traditional IVF, but with fewer drugs and injections.

What are other benefits of using this method?

There are several reasons couples may decide a minimal stimulation cycle is the way to go.  In a normal Full IVF Cycle, as many as 10-12 eggs are produced and only a few are implanted.  The patient must then decide whether to freeze the remaining eggs for a future cycle, or discard them.  For many this causes an ethical or religious conflict; they don’t want to discard their healthy eggs, but at the same time they may not know if or when they want to have more children. 

Some patients also struggle with the financial obligation of paying for long-term cryogenic storage of these extra eggs, not knowing if or when they may use them.  However, in a minimal stimulation IVF cycle there are usually only enough eggs produced for a single IVF cycle, virtually eliminating the concerns about what to do with extra eggs.  For a patient considering different methods, our physicians consider minimal stimulation IVF as a great option.

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**Treatments must be deemed medically appropriate by doctor.

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