How to Become an Egg Donor

Learn how to become an egg donor with Brown Fertility.

Egg donors undergo a preliminary screening prior to inclusion in the donor pool – including a detailed history, discussion of medical, social, emotional, financial, and legal aspects of egg donation.

The recipient chooses a specific egg donor – a large selection of anonymous egg donors is available through our office.  A recipient may also choose an egg donor who is known to her (such as a friend or a family member).  A second round of extensive, detailed screening of the donor occurs – including psychological, and physical evaluations as appropriate.

Egg donors need to be between the ages of 18-27 and healthy. A detailed explanation of the entire process and additional criteria, as well as a history and physical examination will be provided free of charge to potential donors. Psychological or genetic testing may be necessary prior to initiation of an egg donation cycle. These will be provided free of charge to the donor as well.

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Your cycle will be anonymous, unless you are donating eggs for someone you know. This means that the recipient couple will not know your identity and you will not know theirs. The couple will look at your photograph, however, in order to assist with matching your looks with their needs. You will be able to help a couple have a family, which is noble and altruistic.

Egg donors will be compensated financially for a completed cycle. The compensation does not depend on whether the recipient conceives.  Donors must be willing to provide the office with their pictures. These photos will be used by potential recipient couples to assist in your selection. The photos will be returned to you upon request.

The completed cycle duration is approximately four weeks for the egg donation process. You will need to take daily injections for twelve days, most with a tiny needle (subcutaneous). These are easy to administer in the convenience of your own home, or you may come to the office for administration. There is only minimal discomfort associated with the injection administration.

Contact Information for Egg Donation

For cycle information on egg donation or surrogacy questions, please contact: Lauren Cover, R.N., B.S.N, B.A.  at (904) 260.0352.

If you are interested in the egg donation process, please fill out the form below, email, or inquire in-person at our IVF Center located at 8149 Point Meadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

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