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Infertility Success Stories

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Kim’s Healthy Baby success34Boy

Seven years ago when we were first starting our new lives together as newlyweds, we knew that having a family one day was something we both wanted. We also knew that conceiving wasn’t going to be easy due to some infertility issues, but had hoped and prayed that one day God would make it happen for us. Five years later we found ourselves in Dr. Brown’s office for a non-fertility related consult. When the subject of starting a family and difficulties in conceiving came up, some options were presented to us that would increase our chances in finally being able to start a family. We weren’t initially on-board with the idea of medical intervention. Like many others we felt that if God wanted us to be able to start a family, that he would have just made it happen on his own, in his time.

After some additional discussion we, somewhat reluctantly, decided to move forward seeking the help of Dr. Brown and scheduled a IVF procedure. We wavered back-and-forth from the time the appointment was made on what to do. We still felt that we were somewhat working against God and doing something unnatural. The morning of the first procedure as we sat waiting for Dr. Brown we had made our minds up to tell him we decided to not go forward. We shared our thoughts and feelings with him and he was very understanding but assured us of how much in God’s hands everything still was. After giving us some time to discuss it privately, we decided to move forward with the IVF procedure.

It ultimately took three separate cycles for us to conceive. Throughout that time we prayed and sought God continuously, and continuing to ask for his will in our lives. On December 6, 2010 we gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy. There is absolutely not a single ounce of doubt in our minds that he is an incredibly special gift that God picked out just for us, and we cannot thank him enough for the joy he has brought into our lives.

To us, the takeaway from our story is this: Sometimes we get too focused waiting for God to do something the way that we think he wants to do it, when in reality he often operates through others to help those things come to pass. We are truly thankful for Dr. Brown and his staff, and the opportunity that we shared for God to use him in our life.


success35Henry and Amanda’s Fertility Success Story

My wife and I battled infertility for four years; she has endometriosis and although we had surgery for it, was unsuccessful at getting pregnant on our own.  After multiple failed IUI attempts (seven in total), we sought out international adoption.  When our adoption plans stalled, we looked into an IVF procedure again because of my wife’s age (34 at the time).  We had originally looked into it, but decided not pursue it due to religious and financial concerns.  We met with Dr. Brown in his Tallahassee office, and he explained what options would be best for us while considering our religious and financial concerns.

We were so happy and relieved to hear that Dr. Brown is a Christian and that his practice does not destroy embryos.  Since we opted to go with minimal stimulation, we felt that Brown Fertility’s “Commitment to Conception Plan” was best for us even though it would be more financially.  Dr. Brown did tell us that chances for conception would be reduced since we were choosing to go with minimal stimulation, but he understood our desire to not compromise our beliefs over money.  He was not only sensitive to our situation, beliefs, and religious concerns, but he did not pressure us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with.  He explained things in detail, and was wonderful about mixing in encouragement while being realistic.

We were very happy with our experience at Brown Fertility.  Ultimately, three eggs were retrieved with two surviving.  We implanted one embryo with ICSI and were pregnant on our first try!  My wife and I are still amazed, yet tremendously grateful for God’s provision and blessing – our daughter was born on January 24, 2015 at 6 lbs. 9 oz.

Thank you, Dr. Brown and the staff at Brown Fertility, for helping us grow our family.  We are extremely thankful for all of the care and concern you showed to me and my wife.

– Henry and Amanda


Sofia’s Fertility Success Story

I am up so early in the morning that once again I think that I must be dreaming. It must be a dream that I am holding the most beautiful person I have ever seen; my daughter, Sofia Zoe.

Words cannot express how much joy this almost 3 week old has already brought to my life, my marriage and my family. Words cannot express my sincerest gratitude to you for helping to make this happen…

It is with great humility that we announce the wonderful news of the birth of our first child. Sofia was born on June 28, 2012 at 8:04 am and weighed 6 lbs 1 oz. My husband and I truly appreciate the months and months of work and patience that you and your staff shared with us as we dealt with the challenges of infertility.

We believe that God blessed us with the opportunity to meet you Dr. Brown. Throughout the IVF process you were always positive, always confident, and somehow you always knew that we would have a pregnancy. You are are quite a smart guy and your smarts have helped us to get a much deeper understanding of my health and bring about our beautiful child, Sofia.

success37Our Twin Sons, Major and Thor

Experiencing infertility was a very painful matter for my husband and me. Like so many, we thought getting pregnant would just happen. Our decision to seek help was not one that we took lightly. We wanted to be certain that our decision to seek medical help would not go against God’s Will for our lives. There were many times when we thought “perhaps we’re not supposed to have our own children? Maybe we’re supposed to adopt?” We had met with another physician, but did not feel peace about him, and still were not sure about how we should or could proceed. His prognosis was not positive.

While we continued to seek the Will of God for our lives concerning this matter, we made our first consultation appointment with Dr. Brown. After meeting him, we felt very strongly that he should be our physician. Our respect for Dr. Brown came from him being a man who believes in God, but more importantly, he believes that God is the ONLY giver of life and that he is only an instrument used by God in the process. Dr. Brown counseled us regarding our particulars, and our doubts about having children quickly went away. For us, this was not just about having a child, this was about having a spiritual experience with God and we needed a physician who understood and embraced that.

As I’m sure many patients before us, we grew very attached to Dr. Brown and we were honored to have such an annointed Man of God with us on our journey and it meant absolutely everything to have him care for us. Throughout the entire IVF process, he maintained a genuine concern for what we were going through which made it feel very intimate, as I’m sure it is for everyone else who goes through this with Dr. Brown. We are certain that it is the Love of God that dwells within his heart that gave us such overwhelming Peace!

The Bible says in Psalm 113:9, “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children”…………

Our two sons Major and Thor were born on October 12, 2009! ……after our first treatment of IVF!

With God, ALL things are possible….Our Faith was in God and Dr. Brown.

success38Our Beautiful Daughter!

My wife and I first came to Dr. Brown’s office because we were experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. We were interested in seeing a reproductive endocrinologist because our OBGYN was not being very proactive, and was unwilling to take the necessary steps to ensure we did not suffer through another loss. From the start, Dr. Brown began conducting aggressive treatments and tests. We felt his approach was the best for our given situation. Dr. Brown held my wife’s hand and assured her that everything would be okay. He was very confident that we would have a successful pregnancy.

With a six-month deployment looming in the near future, my wife and I wanted to do everything we could to try and get pregnant once again before I had to leave for the Middle East. So we elected to do an IUI, which was an effortless process with the expertise of Dr. Brown’s office. A week into my deployment to Bahrain, we found out that we were pregnant again! Dr. Brown and his wonderful nurses knew my wife’s anxiety would be high until we were out of the first trimester, especially since I was away. They closely monitored my wife and baby for the first 12 weeks of our pregnancy, which comforted both of us very much. After a lot of prayer, nine months later we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful daughter, on August 15th.

Miscarrying is one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through. Having a doctor who will stand by your side and help you determine what exactly is going on and not wasting time is such a crucial thing. Dr. Brown’s faith based practice was the right fit for us from the start, and they truly gave my wife and I the confidence and treatment to ensure that our dream of becoming parents came true.

success39Jenny and Nick’s Fertility Success Story

We started trying to conceive in February of 2011, but by June of 2012 it was clear this was not going to be an easy process for us. We first went to another group of fertility specialists and underwent 3 unsuccessful rounds of IUI. After the last unsuccessful attempt, we were told we should move on to theIVF process. That was a tough pill to swallow, and we decided to take a break from the world of infertility for the holidays. As a woman, struggling with infertility is devastating. At times I felt like I was being punished, or like I wasn’t even a woman because I couldn’t do what God designed women to do… Bear a child. I felt guilty that I could not give my husband a baby and was very tearful and depressed about our situation.

After our holiday “break” we decided to move forward with IVF in January of 2013. This time we decided to go with Dr. Brown on the recommendation of my OB and other friends. We met with Dr. Brown for the first time in January, 2 days before my 35th birthday. We were very anxious, but he was so kind and personable, and he spent a lot of time speaking with us and addressing our concerns as well as reviewing all our previous tests. That first day he said “You WILL get pregnant”. Just those simple words were what I needed to hear to get me through the process. Those were the words I had been longing to hear for so long. We scheduled our IVF cycle that next week. By March 1st, we finally heard the words we had waited two years to hear…. “You’re pregnant!!!”

I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks, and we saw the two most beautiful gestational sacs with heart beats! Both of our embryos implanted and we were pregnant with TWINS! After our very first IVF cycle! Words could not express the joy that filled and continues to fill our hearts since then.

On September 29, 2013 we were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Alessia Ann, and our son, Nicholas Jr.! They arrived 5 weeks early, but after a couple weeks in the NICU they are now home with us and are perfect in every way… Our hearts are so full of love for our beautiful babies, a love like no other. Our family is complete and we cannot thank Dr. Brown enough for his kind words, encouragement and expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown (and have to 2 friends who both conceived on their first round of IVF too!). God bless you Dr. Brown!!!
– Jenny and Nick Z.

success40Michael and Ginnie’s Beautiful Son

Our infertility journey began almost 7 years ago… When my wife Ginnie and I got married we instantly became a veritable “Brady Bunch”; she had a son and daughter, and I had two sons and two daughters from our previous marriages. When we first met she proudly proclaimed that she would never remarry and since she had a tubal ligation after her daughter was born she would never have another child. NEVER SAY NEVER! Shortly after we got married, Ginnie began discussing the possibility of having her tubal ligation reversed. Ginnie found a practice that performed tubal reversals with a very high success rate. The first month we could try to conceive, we were successful, but it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. After a year or so of charting basal temperatures and cycles, etc. we were unable to conceive again. We were somewhat discouraged and unsure if God’s will was for us to become parents again.

After a period of prayer and reconsideration Ginnie began to research the egg donor process. We consulted with Dr. Brown and were immediately impressed with his generosity of his time, his recommendations and willingness to help us fulfill our dream, and his love for his chosen profession. When he told us “God is the giver of life, I just get to help in the process” we knew that the Lord had led us to Dr. Brown. As we began the donor process, there were a few setbacks and a couple of restarts; again making us wonder if we were following God’s will. In retrospect, we see God’s hand guiding us all along the way.

We were blessed to be able to become pregnant on our first try with donor eggs. Our dreams became reality on March 8, 2012; our son Dawson was born, a healthy, beautiful child. Dawson’s six older siblings, all 25 to 29 years of age, are thrilled with their new little brother. We thank the Lord for blessing us so mightily. We cannot thank Dr. Brown and Lisa, our IVF coordinator, enough for their patience and encouragement throughout our journey. We truly believe that Dr. Brown is a Godly man and we are so blessed that God brought us to him. I am so, so blessed.
Michael J.

success1Kim’s Fertility Success Story

Dear Dr. Brown,

After 2 years and 1 unexplained loss, we had tried everything to get pregnant. We had several tests done and everything came back normal so our next step was to see a specialist. I wasn’t really ready for IUI or IVF and had prayed God would help us conceive naturally. Dr. Brown was great at not pushing us to do anything we weren’t ready for and let us decide the route we wanted to take. We decided to try a medicated cycle first and if that didn’t work, a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis before starting IUI. We were on a bit of a time crunch due to an upcoming Navy transfer and deployment and so this seemed like a good plan. Well the medicated cycle worked and we got pregnant with twins! Shortly after we found out, we lost one of the twins, but we now have a beautiful. healthy baby boy that we wouldn’t trade for the world! We are so very thankful to God for him every day. And thank you Dr. Brown for helping us achieve our dream!

– -Kim T

Our Wonderful Kids, Katherine and Kevin

success2Dear Dr. Brown,

Wanted to share these latest pictures with you guys. Our daughter Katherine just turned 4 years old and Mr. Kevin is already 7.5 months. Both are such wonderful kids.

Thank you again Dr. Brown!
S.B., Orlando, FL

success3Ann Elizabeth is Born

We were blessed to have Dr. Sam Brown come into our lives through a referral from a close friend of ours, Dr. Charles Coddington, who happens to be the Chair of the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Mayo Clinic in Rodchester, MN.  We were an older couple and did not want to lose any time, so we met with Dr. Brown after 6 months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant on our own.

Upon meeting with Dr. Brown, his caring nature was very apparent.  Over the next 6 months we not only develop a professional relationship, but also a friendship with him.  Dr. Brown was available whenever we had a question. He was always flexible to accommodate our needs especial since my schedule as Emergency Physician was unpredictable.

After our second IUI, we became pregnant! What an incredible gift that was given to us!  In September 2010, Ann Elizabeth came in to our lives!  Without Dr. Brown she would not be here.  He has changed our lives forever!!!

Vincent and Catherine

success4Cy and Kelly’s Fertility Success Story

We began “trying” in 2010 yet we were unsuccessful. We consulted with my OBGYN and close friends & family and they referred us to 3 different infertility specialists. Dr. Brown was the 2nd doctor we met with. He was wonderful! He listened to us and was understanding & compassionate of our needs and wants in starting our family and created a specific plan for us that we were comfortable with and explained everything in a way that we could understand. At that 1st appointment, Dr. Brown spent an hour with us and I will never forget what he said at the end of our 1st meeting “you guys will get pregnant, trust me.” We left there feeling a huge weight had been lifted because we knew we had found our infertility doctor. He treated us like real people, not just another patient.

In April 2011 I underwent laparoscopic surgery to check for endometriosis. During the procedure, Dr. Brown found a small amount endometriosis which he was able to remove and less than 2 weeks later we started our 2nd round of IUI. On the morning of May 28th 2011, I was up early to finish packing for a holiday weekend getaway. I decided to take a pregnancy test. I left the test on the bathroom counter and continued getting ready for the day. As I walked by carrying clothes to put in my suitcase I glanced at the test… and I noticed it looked different. I thought to myself, “Holy cow, is that a plus sign?!” I screamed to my sound asleep husband “Honey, wake up, wake up! I just took a pregnancy test and its positive!!” After all the negatives we had seen, we just couldn’t believe we were looking at a positive pregnancy test. We ended our mini vacation early so I could return to Dr. Brown’s office for the blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Once we got the call confirming the pregnancy, we finally believed it; we were going to have a baby. On Monday July 17th he will be 7 months old and is completely happy & healthy!

Although we didn’t get pregnant “the natural way” we learned that we were not alone. Dr. Brown takes the time to get to know his patients and explore new technology and procedures to help grow families. We are so grateful for Dr. Brown and his staff for their care and assistance during our treatment.

Cy and Kelly

Our Strong Fighter, Donovan

success5My husband and I decided to begin trying to conceive in 2010. We thought it would happen relatively quickly. When it didn’t, I started tracking my ovulation to better time our intercourse. After several months with no luck, I went to my OB/GYN. He prescribed a medication to induce ovulation. I took the medication for 4 months and conceived twice. Both times ended in a miscarriage by 5 weeks. We were heartbroken and feeling very defeated. My OB decided it was time to see a infertility specialist and referred me to a doctor that he said was excellent, Dr. Brown. From the very first meeting, I was very impressed with Dr. Brown’s thoroughness, positive attitude and compassion. He explained my infertility treatment options and we decided on my treatment. Over the next year, I had several tests and treatments. I conceived two more times which also ended in miscarriages due to a blighted ovum and triploidy. I was convinced it wasn’t in the cards for us. Dr. Brown, however, wasn’t ready to give up on me. Even though I was advanced maternal age (37), he knew I still had a few good eggs left and convinced me to give it another shot. He modified my treatment plan and then tweaked it along the way when he discovered I wasn’t responding as well as He expected. I am so happy he was closely monitoring me and making adjustments as needed because his magic worked and I went on to have a beautiful baby boy from that cycle! We named him Donovan, which means strong fighter. We knew he must be a strong fighter after suffering four miscarriages in a row before conceiving him. Donovan is our miracle baby; Dr. Brown is our miracle worker!

Forever grateful,
Holly D.

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success6Nicole’s Gift from God

After 10 years of trying, and being disappointed by 2 different local doctors, I found my way to Dr Brown. By the grace of God, with the help of Dr Brown and all of his wonderful staff, now have a new addition to our family. I’m eternally grateful for my new little bundle of joy, and am eagerly looking forward to having Dr Brown help us to have another one.

– Nicole Simon

success7Our Perfect Baby Girl

We are definitely a success story from Dr. Brown! I would like to share our story to anyone who is looking into the greatest fertility facility in Jacksonville! ?

My husband and I married in May 2012… I have three daughters from a previous marriage and had a tubal ligation done at the age of 26 after the 3rd child was delivered. My husband did not have any children of his own. Now 34 years old, I wanted nothing more than to give my husband a baby of his own and after some research, we found Brown Fertility. From the first consultation, the many, MANY questions, emails and phone calls to the nurses, front desk, and financial department, to the day we found out we had the right numbers with being pregnant, it was the greatest experience that I have been through.

I called and met with Dr. Brown and he along with the entire staff were nothing less than amazing to me…they knew my story, headaches, and motivation to doing what we could to make this happen. After some initial difficulties with my insurance, we started the process in October 2012. Dr. Brown was able to retrieve 22 eggs from me! He assured me that this would happen and he had no worries knowing that it did not matter that my tubes were tied because he could still make this work…The only fear I had was the fear of the unknown, but…this amazing group kept me so well informed, comfortable, and I would do this again as long as its with this group. It went by so quickly and the staff’s availability to my constant phone calls, emails, visits and questions was beyond perfect. I could go on forever about how wonderful this experience was with the entire process and support of Dr. Brown and staff.

We are now the proud parents of a beautiful and perfect baby girl, born on July 27, 2013. I have a special place in my heart for the entire staff at Brown Fertility and will never forget how wonderful they treated me and took care of me. Love you all, Dr. Brown and all the nurses and absolutely everyone else that I worked with!

successDr. Brown, The Miracle Baby Maker

My husband and I married in 2009 after dating several years. My husband already had three children, but I wanted to have a child with him. Due to my age (37) and past ectopic pregnancies, I didn’t want to wait. I knew time was of the essence. We went to see Dr. Brown and from the minute we met with him, he was nothing but professional, sweet and POSITIVE! I started the IVF process in November of 2009 and in August 2010 we welcomed our first baby boy, Stone!

We went back to Dr. Brown knowing we wanted another little one and a younger sibling for Stone to grow up with. Even though I was almost 40, Dr. Brown explained the statistics and percentages for my age, but NEVER made us feel it couldn’t happen. I started the IVF process again in January and it was unsuccessful. Discouraged and frustrated, Dr. Brown assured us to not give up and trust it will happen. We tweaked the medicines and length/timing of some things and after the third attempt we were successful! I remember calling Dr. Brown on his cell phone and telling him “I know I’m not pregnant. I can tell and don’t feel anything”. He said to me “It’s way too early for you to know anything. Don’t give up.” He was right. I was pregnant and delivered my second baby boy, Duke, on March 25, 2013.Dr. Brown definitely found his purpose in life! He is truly a Miracle Baby Maker. I always admired him and how he could always remain so professional and caring when he constantly had a room full of patients and a schedule that would drive many crazy. My husband and I will always hold a special place in our hearts for Dr. Brown! Without him, we wouldn’t have the family we have today.

Denise Fromme

success9Hal and Amber’s Fertility Success Story

My husband and I welcomed our little miracle, Ashby Grace Robinson, on July 18th. Words can’t express how grateful we are for everything you’ve done in helping us get the best gift our lives, our little girl.

Hal and Amber Robinson

success10And Now We are Three

After struggling with severe endometriosis for years, we longed and hoped we could still conceive naturally. After 1 year of no luck, a friend referred us to Dr. Brown. Once we met with him we knew he would be the man to make our dream come true. We completed our first and only round of successful IVF at 21 months and couldn’t have been more excited to be expecting our Miracle Baby. We welcomed Emory into our lives in the Spring and she has been the biggest joy to our family. We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful support and expertise of Dr. Brown and his amazing staff.
Nathan, Allison, and Emory Turner

Sarah Beth is Born

success17We first met Dr. Brown in 2006 after we were given our first infertility diagnosis. From the very beginning, Dr. Brown was such a professional and, more importantly, he was friendly and supportive. Although we cycled many times without getting pregnant and were given a second infertility diagnosis in the process, Dr. Brown was always interested in trying new strategies and techniques in the hopes that the next cycle would be the one that would work. Dr. Brown believed in our dreams of parenthood as much as we did and wasn’t going to give up on us. Thankfully our perseverance paid off and we welcomed our daughter Sarah Beth in July 2010.

Thank you, Dr. Brown!
Leslee and Dan

Ann and William’s Fertility Success Story

success26My husband, William, and I started our family a little later in life. We were able to conceive our first child without any problem. However, after trying for a year and half, we were unable to get pregnant a second time. Feeling like we were running out of time, due to my age, we contacted Dr. Brown. He came highly recommended. He was very compassionate and responsive to our needs. After two attempts we became pregnant and gave birth to our baby girl October 2010.

I would highly recommend Dr. Brown. He is very sensitive and knowledgeable. It was a very tense and emotional time for us and we felt that Dr. Brown sincerely cared about us.

Melissa and Greg’s Fertility Success Story

success40-1When we got married in 2004 we knew it was going to be a challenge to get pregnant. After trying for 3 years we decided to seek help. We were seen by one clinic, who after lots of testing, told us that I had PCOS and that we had some male-factor issues; the only way we’d be able to have a family would be through an IVF procedure. We were crushed, we didn’t know what we were going to do and we felt our dreams of having a family slipping away. We had friends and family members having new babies and we kept questioning why this was such a challenge for us.

We got orders to move to Georgia and once settled I asked my primary physician for a referral to a fertility doctor. They referred me to Dr Brown. From our first meeting my husband and I were at ease with him. He was very upbeat and easy going and we knew we were in the right place. We never once felt like Dr Brown was pushing us towards one direction or another, he listened to us and understood our situation. We decided to start from the bottom and work our way up to IVF, if that was needed. Dr Brown was very positive and told us we would get pregnant. We did a few rounds of just medication with no success and decided to try an IUI, which was also unsuccessful. We decided we would try a few more rounds of just medication before my husband was to leave for a deployment. To our surprise on June 6, 2011 we saw that + sign we had been waiting for and we were beyond happy! This day was 7 ½ years in the making. The pregnancy was rough and we had some issues but our beautiful baby girls Gracelyn and Hannah were born on January 3, 2012, 6 weeks early and very small. After 7 ½ years of tears and heartache, a few fertility treatments, one rough pregnancy and a NICU stay later we have our family and we have Dr Brown to thank for that. We are so happy that Dr Brown was brought into our lives and helped us receive the most precious gift in the world. Dr Brown really does help in conceiving miracles (and I have 2 to prove it)!
Melissa and Greg May

Tyler is Born at the End of our Extensive Journey

success13As we tried to conceive a baby over the past six years, we have experienced just about every human emotion. Our struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) led to countless tears as we tried to understand why we were the “infertile ones” in our group of family and friends.

As Christians, we both knew that everything happens on God’s time, and that He doesn’t give us situations we can’t handle. But as we longed for a baby, our hearts were broken so many times.

Then we were referred to Dr. Brown. We still remember meeting him at our first consultation visit, and the way his gentle, empathetic style and heartwarming smile gave us hope for the first time ever.

Throughout our journey to conceive, Dr. Brown became so much more than our reproductive endocrinologist. He became our therapist, problem-solver, cheerleader, and – most importantly – our friend.

In September of 2009, our prayers and all Dr. Brown’s countless energy paid off as we conceived through IUI. At our last consultation visit prior to being transferred to a regular OBGYN, we shed more tears – this time of joy and gratitude – as we hugged the man who helped us make our dreams a reality.

When we recently took our son Tyler to meet Dr. Brown, we reflected on our extensive journey. We realized that every tear, frustrating moment, and disappointment was well worth it. And we were so thankful that Dr. Brown was our guide.

Greg and Dana

Eric’s Birthday Gift, Eli

success51Our story for wanting a child began 5 years ago. We were both 25 years old and thought it would be easy to conceive. Unfortunately, getting pregnant became very discouraging when month after month nothing happened. After sometime we began all the testing of checking my tubes and ovaries for cysts. Everything was good so, then came Clomid. Still no luck and the pain with my cycles was getting increasingly worse.

After switching OB doctors I had laparoscopic surgery where moderate-severe endometriosis was found all over my left side, so we tried to clear it with a few months of Lupron then try on our own for a while. Two years had passed and I was ready for the next step. Dr. Brown’s name was given to us from a friend of a friend and my OB did not object. My husband and I met with him and immediately felt like we were in the right place. We all thought the answer was simple, IVF. Our spirits were crushed that Christmas when it didn’t work, so we were back to the drawing board. Dr. Brown did exploratory surgery and everything looked good except that I had cervical stenosis that made IVF transfer difficult.

We geared up for round 2 of IVF in the spring and round 3 was done by the end of the year, still no luck. By this point the emotions we had were pretty rough. Sticking to our Christian faith, we knew God had a plan and he was in control. Dr. Brown’s next step for us was extensive blood work and surprise surprise PCOS was confirmed. At this point I was tired of the shots and hormonal emotions, so we took some time off hoping to get pregnant with PCOS medications.

By the fall of 2011 my pain had grown so severe Dr. Brown decided it was best to perform another laparoscopy and not only found very severe endometriosis but my tubes were now blocked and harboring toxic fluids, a condition known as hydrosalpinx. He was able to unblock one tube so we tried IUI twice and both times it failed. Sadly, it looked as if the only solution to have a child was to have a tubal ligation preformed. With much research, a lot of praying, and the wisdom of Dr. Brown we decided to go through with the surgery.

By Spring of 2012 we were ready for IVF #4. My eggs were harvested the week of Easter and to our delight 2 weeks later we FINALLY got a positive test. Baby Eli was born in December on his Daddy’s birthday. We could not have done it without the help of Dr. Brown and his staff. He never gave up on us and encouraged us to never give up on ourselves or God’s plan. We owe everything to him and the Lord above for sending us our wonderful miracle Baby Boy. We will definitely be back in the future to try for baby #2.

Eric and Emily Tillman

Georgios, Our Healthy Baby Boy

success10-1My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers. We never imagined that we would have trouble conceiving. We met Dr. Brown about 5 years after we started trying. I was then diagnosed withendometriosis. After having laparoscopic surgery, we started trying again. After another 5 years we became very discouraged and realized, with Dr. Brown’s help, that IVF would be our only way to conceive. He never rushed or pressured us into any treatments or procedures and we felt very comfortable.

We knew it would be emotionally difficult and that there was a chance it would not work. We decided to go forth with the help and support of Dr. Brown. He was very understanding of our needs and emotions. With his help we now have our first son, Georgios. He was born healthy and is the most amazing gift we have received. Thank you Dr. Brown, without you we would not have our bundle of joy. I have, and will continue, referring friends to Dr. Brown.

Our Son is an Answer to Prayer

success31Our journey begins eight years ago.  A year after we were married, we decided to have children.  When we didn’t conceive right away, we made an appointment for a semen analysis.  We found out that the sperm count was very low.  We had no words to confront these results.  For several years we left this matter aside, but it was always present in our hearts.

Three years ago we decided to make our first appointment with an infertility doctor. The process was very painful and stressful.   Both attempts at pregnancy failed.  Overcome with feelings of disappointment and frustration, we decided to take a break for a year.  Thanks to God, this very difficult stage made us closer as a couple.  Still, we had not been given a specific diagnosis and we were looking for answers.

A good friend told me about Dr. Samuel Brown.  At our first appointment with Dr. Brown we arrived nervous and scared.  However, everyone was so kind, we immediately felt comfortable.  Dr. Brown is a man who inspires hope when he speaks, and that’s was what we were looking for- that human touch within this process.  The staff was always very professional and very friendly.  The procedure was much more simple and short.  They explained everything to us very clearly and the staff helped us through each step.

Thanks to God for putting life in my womb and for giving wisdom and compassion to Dr. Brown!  Our child is an answered prayer.  Now that we have our baby we can say it was worth the pain, the fights and all we endured.  We never surrendered.
Mr. and Mrs. Diaz

Rick’s Fertility Success Story

success25Dr. Brown,
I am writing you on behalf of my daughter, your patient, Lindsay.  Lindsay’s baby girl, Mallory, arrived last Tuesday, 1/25 at 13:40.  She weighed 8 lbs11 oz and was 21.25 inches long.  Both Lindsay and Mallory are doing fine and went home Friday.

For my wife and me, this is our third grandchild.  It is the first and likely only child  for Lindsay and Mallory’s dad, Scott.  She is our miracle baby and would not be a part of our lives without your clinic’s efforts and caring.  To harvest seventeen eggs and only have one embryo with balanced chromosones of good quality, Mallory started with long odds, but came home a “winner.”  In order to give her the best possible chance.  We truly are grateful for all of the extra precautions and infertility testing of you and your staff.  As a result, Mallory had travelled more before conception than some people do in their entire lives.  We are all so thankful to you for giving this baby life.  She truly is a beautiful little girl, and will always be our very special miracle.

Again, thank you for everything.
Rick F.

success35-1Our Miracle

We waited more than 6 years for this miracle. We are proud to say ‘thanks’ to Dr. Brown. He is the best!
– Xavier Hernandez

The Critzer’s Fertility Success Story

success37-1Seven years ago, my husband and I were married and excited at the anticipation of beginning a family. What we didn’t expect, are the battles we faced. During our first year of marriage, we felt lost and confused and didn’t know where to turn.

Then we met Dr. Samuel Brown and all of that changed. Rarely do you find a doctor who not only shares your faith, but shares your struggles. Dr. Brown not only had the warmest demeanor of any doctor with which we had met, but he was also leading his field with cutting-edge technologies and used medicines which were only beginning to be used in his field. He calmed our fears, reassured our dreams of having a family, and gave us many, many options. He created a path which was acceptable emotionally and financially to us and put absolutely no pressure of a timeline ~ which for us, was very important, feeling already defeated.

With Dr. Brown walking us hand-in-hand, we began our long journey. We stopped and started treatments, Dr. Brown moved away and returned, until finally last year we all determined we were ready for our final push. Everyone on his staff knew us by name and supported us with every visit. Each treated us with immense dignity and privacy, always with hopeful anticipation. We found it most comforting to know we were in the care of a doctor who had truly been in our own shoes. His patience, kindness, and faithful listening ear, made it easy for us to battle the ups and downs.

On January 19, 2011, after waiting for five and a half years, I was able to call Dr. Brown’s office to report a positive pregnancy test. Nothing could have prepared my husband and I for that moment and Dr. Brown and all of his staff were as excited for us as our own families were.

We can happily report we welcomed our daughter one early morning in September. We can never express our gratitude enough to Dr. Brown and his staff at Brown Fertility Associates and we cannot recommend them to enough couples experiencing some of our own anguish. The battles we faced taught us much and we are thankful to have had a trusted friend walk with us. Thank you, Dr. Brown, for your heart, for sharing in our excitement, and for giving thousands of families an opportunity to share in what we have experienced.

– The Critzer family

Layton Andrew Cacchio, A Gift from God

success28Words cannot begin to express the gratitude we have in our hearts for all that Dr. Brown did to help make our dream of becoming parents a reality. We were referred to Dr. Brown by my OBGYN after struggling to conceive on our own. From the first day we met Dr. Brown, we knew that God had led us to the best reproductive endocrinologist for us. The reality of seeking the assistance of a RE was at first frightening, not knowing what the outcome would be. However, at each office visit, Dr. Brown and his caring staff always made us feel comfortable and supported, no longer feeling alone in our struggle. During the difficult times, the compassion, support, and genuine personal care and attention we received from Dr. Brown and his staff encouraged us to find the strength to continue moving forward. Our journey led us to one successful IVF cycle that culminated on Mother’s Day 2010…what a wonderful day that was! God works miracles, and through Dr. Brown, He blessed us with the greatest gift we could ever receive, our son, Layton Andrew Cacchio, born January 22, 2011. Dr. Brown will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord” Psalm 127:3
– Jaime and Steve Cacchio

Baby Boy Joseph Samuel

success29Dr. Brown,

Baby Boy Joseph Samuel was born on 3-2-11. A whopping 10 lbs. 4oz. It warms my heart to not only share the joy of having Chloe, but now also baby Joey with you. We are thankful to you for our start and continued support at having a family. It truly is the best thing in the world!

Cathy and Brad’s Fertility Success Story

success18Dr. Brown made our greatest dream a reality! At a point when we were thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be, Dr. Brown provided us with a level of confidence that changed our lives forever. We now have two beautiful children to share our lives with and raise and we will never be able to thank Dr. Brown enough for helping us.

Cathy and Brad

Our Happy Healthy Baby Boy

success48We were extremely impressed with Dr. Brown and his team. He diagnosed my wife with stage 4 endometriosis and was upfront with us about the chances of us having a successful IVF (chances weren’t good). After a surgery, prayer, and our first IVF cycle, my wife and I now have a happy and healthy baby boy thanks to Dr. Brown’s expertise (This all happened in the last 12 months). He truly cares about his patients and is passionate about what he is doing. I would definitely recommend him to others who have infertility challenges.

Julie’s Fertility Success Story

success43We were referred to Dr Brown after a little over a year of trying to get pregnant on our own. Dr Brown is a wonderful, caring doctor who guided us through five IUI cycles and two IVF. His honesty and encouragement helped us get through an extremely stressful and challenging process but thanks to him and his fantastic staff, we have an amazing baby boy!!!

Dr. Brown is Truly a Blessing

success44My husband and I began our journey with Dr. Brown in the summer of 2009. Dr. Brown discovered, what I feared most, that my Type I diabetes was causing me to not ovulate and getting pregnant on my own was not going to be an option. I was instantly crushed and filled with guilt. I will never forget Dr. Brown reassuring us that we would have a baby…it was just the extent of the journey that he couldn’t predict. After lots of prayer, my husband and I decided to start IUI treatments. It took a 2 rounds of IUI, and continuous prayer, before we became pregnant ( I did 5 tests just to be sure)! Dr. Brown has truly been a blessing to us and we can never thank him enough for helping us become parents!!

Eli Abduh Rahman, Our Wonderful Miracle

success45Our story began twelve years ago when my husband and I met. He was just out of high school and I was graduating that year. We always talked about getting married and having lots of children and eight years later, one of those dreams came true. We were married in September and immediately knew that we wanted to start a family. It never crossed our minds that It would be so difficult. After three years of trying on our own, we decided to turn to fertility treatment. We had family and friends that were already patients of Dr.Brown so we trusted in him to help. Immediately we fell in love with him and his office. After two unsuccessful IUI’s, we decided to turn to IVF. Dr. Brown encouraged us to try one more IUI but in the meantime, we went ahead and took the IVF class to prepare for the next phase in our journey. Luckily, the third time was the charm and we were finally pregnant! Our dreams became a reality on May 2, 2012 when Eli Abdul Rahman Chatila was born at a healthy 7lbs 5oz. We cannot thank Dr. Brown and Lisa enough for the wonderful miracle they helped us bring into this world.

Mr. and Mrs. Chatila

JeanMarie’s Fertility Success Story

success46“I was struggling with infertility since 2008. It was not an easy journey and I was physically and emotionally tired…but Dr. Brown stayed with me all the way. In December 2011, I was brought back to life! My tears, my pain, my frustration, my anger, my faith in God….I was finally pregnant! It is amazing what Dr. Brown can do with God’s help!”
-JeanMarie Lespier

We Welcomed Mallory into Our Family

success30Dr. Brown,
Our fertility journey started at a different firm and was really an attempt to help us realize there was nothing wrong with either of us. It turned out that we had a chromosome issue and not only were we going to have to seek help for a pregnancy but we were going to have to go the most expensive route to ensure we are implanting healthy embryos. I was so heartbroken about our news and quite upset at how insensitive the doctor was about this situation.

I was pushed by my family to seek another opinion. Then we met you. Your demeanor was so much more caring, and we felt you had an understanding of the emotions that the people on the other side of your desk feel as they find out that they aren’t going to start their family as easily as most people. That day Scott and I began feeling encouraged about the situation. We were faced with a chromosome imbalance called Robertsonian Translocation. Because of the complications resulting from the chromosome abnormality our embryos had to be sampled and sent to a genetic specialist for an analysis if there was a balanced set of chromosomes. We were so nervous as we sat in the office ready to hear the results of the genetic testing and to begin our implant.

When you walked in and told us there was only one embryo that was balanced and the one we were going to implant, I was devastated. You were so sweet telling us to stay positive and that all we need is one embryo to make a baby. I cried the entire time I was on the table for the implant procedure, thinking we would likely not be successful. I remember there being a nurse drying my tears and saying she was going to pray that this was going to be successful and we were going to have this little baby. You continued calmly with the procedure, trying to make me understand that there was still a great possibility this is going to work. I felt like collectively you cared about what was happening for Scott and me, and that it could work. After two weeks, we found out that the embryo had implanted and I was pregnant. I failed to mention that our implant was done on Mother’s day 2010. That will, by far, be the best mother’s day of my life. I know they’ve only just begun, but I wouldn’t necessarily have them in my future if it weren’t for this first one.

We welcomed Mallory Hayes Cooper to the world on January 25, 2011. She is our little miracle. Without a doubt, if we were to do it again the journey would be an easy one going through it with you and your staff. I was so scared and defeated at the beginning of this journey. You and your staff were all so caring and supportive towards us, yet never minimizing the fact that this obstacle is a difficult situation for couples, from many views. This never felt like a business/client relationship, as I see some doctors’ offices becoming. It was people helping others make their seemingly impossible dreams come true. Thanks for giving us our little girl and showing us so much compassion along our difficult journey!

Much Love from,
Lindsay and Scott Cooper

Justin and Keenan’s Fertility Success Story

success19My husband and I tried to conceive on our own for two years without any success. Both of us being in our early twenties, we found ourselves feeling hopeless and defeated. We came to Dr. Brown looking for guidance and answers that we had been searching for. The first time we met Dr. Brown, my husband and I knew he was sent to us from God. I felt the pressure of conceiving lifted off my shoulders and I could finally relax. We both had so much confidence in Dr. Brown and we knew he would do everything in his power to help us reach our goal, “the gift of a child.” Working in the medical field myself, I’m extremely skeptical of doctors objectives at times. Dr. Brown is truly special and dedicated not only to his profession, but the families he works with. You don’t find many doctors that are guided by their hearts and he is one of them. We received a personal call from Dr. Brown a couple weeks after our third IUI on a Saturday evening, informing us that we were 100% pregnant. It was one of the most special calls we had recieved, along with it being on my 25th birthday. Dr. Brown is truly incredible and inspiring to both my husband and I. We couldn’t have done it without him. We gave birth to our amazing daughter Sawyer Marie in October of 2010. Thank you Dr. Brown for helping make our dreams come true!

Justin and Keenan

Our Christmas Gift!

success16I was referred to Doctor Brown back in October of 2009. My husband and I had been trying for over a year. We had suffered a loss prior to that. The first time we met with Dr. Brown, he made us feel comfortable and gave us the options that would help us conceive a child. We were instructed to take a shot to help with ovulation.  After doing that for 2 months I became pregnant in December. What a Christmas gift!  I would refer anyone to him. He was great and we now have our bundle of joy, Ethan, born August 1, 2010.

Thank You Doc Brown


Ben and Sarah’s Healthy Baby Girl

success14My husband Ben and I never imagined we would have to seek the assistance of fertility treatments when we started trying to have a family. It was through a few friends that we received the recommendation to meet with Dr. Brown. After our first consultation, I knew he was a wonderful person and an exceptional doctor. At that time he diagnosed me with PCOS; one month, a few shots, five days of pills and an IUI later we were pregnant! Neither my husband nor I will ever forget Dr. Brown’s words when we went in for our six week ultrasound. “There’s the heartbeat, it looks great….whoa! There’s another one!” It was at that moment that we learned we were having twins. We couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have our three and a half year old daughters, Rylan and Kailee.

Two and a half years later, we decided to try again. After a few months of negative pregnancy tests, we once again reached out to Dr. Brown. One month later and using the same process as before, we were pregnant! Only at this ultrasound, Dr. Brown’s cries of excitement were for one strong heartbeat. Nine months later, we gave birth to another happy and healthy baby girl, Makenna.

Through Dr. Brown’s compassionate and aggressive practices, we were given the miracles that we weren’t sure were possible. We couldn’t ask for a better man to have guided us through the most trying times of our lives. We will continue to recommend Dr. Brown to whomever comes our way. We are forever grateful to his work of life.

Thank you Dr. Brown and all of your associates!

Ben and Sarah

Kim and Bill are Grateful for Dr. Brown

success32Dear Dr. Brown,

We wanted to share our exciting news with you that our beautiful, healthy baby boy Benjamin was born on June 12, 2011. He is truly an answer to our prayers and is worth the wait!

As you know, our 5 year road to getting pregnant was full of obstacles. Prior to seeing you, we had 5 failed IUI’s, 1 failed IVF, and two surgeries (one of which resulted in complications that put me in the ICU). Just as we were ready to give up on ever getting pregnant, you were referred to us. You and your staff were always encouraging, professional and honest, and the care we received from you was head and shoulders above many of the other local infertility physicians.

We will be forever appreciative and grateful to you for finally giving us our own success story!

Allie and Abigail

success11I have always known that when the time came for me to start a family, I would need assistance from a fertility doctor. I stopped having a menstrual cycle when I was in high school. Then I met my husband, we got married and decided it was time to have a baby. I was terrified that I was never going to be able to have my own child. Then I met Dr. Brown. From the very first appointment he assured me that everything was going to be all right. Dr. Brown’s “bedside” manner is wonderful. He is caring, knowledgeable, and understands all of the fears and emotions that go along with fertility! We started treatment right away. My husband and I opted to do an IUI and it was successful the very first time! In May we welcomed our baby girl Allie! I am already asking my husband when we can come back for another round of fertility with Dr. Brown for baby #2!!! The entire process of trying to get pregnant went smoother than we could have ever expected and that is all due to Dr. Brown and his amazing staff!

success47Update! The Tepers welcomed their second “Brown Fertility” baby Abigail, to their family on June 7!

Kaleb and Andrew

success1-1Dr. Brown is one of the most genuine people we have ever met. He was the first doctor that seemed to be concerned not only with helping us have a baby, but also the financial and emotional impacts of the infertility process. We always felt like Dr. Brown treated us as if we were family. I recommend Dr. Brown to everyone I know who is struggling with infertility. Both of our experiences with Dr. Brown were successful, and we now have two beautiful boys. Our children bring more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible, and we are thankful everyday for Dr. Brown’s assistance in helping us to conceive our two little miracles.



Our Son, Samuel

success12My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite awhile when we were referred to Dr. Brown. We had just moved from North Carolina and had already started with some preliminary fertility testing. Jack and I were so pleased with Dr. Brown’s demeanor, attention and aggressiveness towards helping us start our family.

After some testing and surgeries, it was discovered that IVF was our only chance to have a biological child. Although the process was long and difficult, Dr. Brown was so encouraging and cheered us on when we felt so defeated. We also appreciated that he shared our Christian beliefs.

I eventually became pregnant with our son Samuel. He has been such a joy! Now, four years later, we’re pregnant with twins!

We love and admire Dr. Brown’s approach to fertility. He looks at each couple on an individual basis and tailors a plan just for them. Throughout this process Dr. Brown has become not only a trusted physician, but also a friend. We highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation!

—–Julie O.

The Most Understanding and Caring Physician

success3-1My husband and I are in our early twenties and we never imagined we would have trouble conceiving. We tried naturally for three years. In the third year, we chose to see a fertility doctor. We knew we could not afford In Vitro Fertilization and thought there was no way even a specialist could help, but it was our last attempt. I was emotionally spent.

The very first consult with Dr. Brown was one of the greatest things we ever did. He understood my emotions and was patient with me. He helped us learn that there were other options before In Vitro is needed. We finally had hope. I underwent a surgery, did one month of medicine, and we were pregnant! It was so simple. We just needed a little help.

Dr. Brown was by our side every step of the way. He is one of the most understanding and caring people you will meet. He not only gave us our first child, but helped with financial options too. We could not have found a better physician to help with such a sensitive and personal struggle.

Mandy and Sean’s Fertility Success Story

success15Our story begins almost ten years ago. After almost two years of trying to conceive, my OB / GYN referred me to an endocrinologist. It was there that I met Dr. Brown. He diagnosed me with PCOS, (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). With having that fertility issue, I could not ovulate on my own.

We decided to try intrauterine insemination (IUI) first. Dr. Brown felt confident that we would get pregnant in doing so. After the first IUI treatment, we found out that we were pregnant and expecting twins. Our twins were born February 8, 2002; Sierra and Parker.

Four years later, my husband and I decided it was time to try and add an addition to our family. We made a visit to see Dr. Brown again and only saw him for a short amount of time due to him leaving the area. We were saddened to see him go, but decided to proceed with that same practice. After several IUI rounds and 3 IVF treatments with miscarriages to follow all 3, we began to lose hope that we would not get pregnant.

In the fall of 2008, we learned that Dr. Brown was back in Jacksonville opening his own practice. We then decided to schedule an appointment with him in January of 2009. After going over our history and experience with the other practice, we decided to start off with an IUI round. After trying without success to conceive a handful of times with the IUI treatments, we finally decided to go with IVF.

In the fall of 2009 I had my egg retrieval and transfer. We found out in November of that year that we were expecting our little miracle, due in July 2010. Our healthy baby boy, Tripp, was born July 20, 2010.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Dr. Brown and his practice. He is truly in it for all the right reasons. From the moment we walked into his office, he and his staff have been warm and welcoming to us. Over the years we have become extremely close with him and feel that he is a part of our family. We strongly recommend Brown Fertility and Associates to any couple who would be in a position to consider fertility as an option to add to their family.


Mandy and Sean

Christopher and Clara

success60After trying to get pregnant on our own without success, we decided to have some testing done. We came to Dr. Brown for a second opinion and thankfully, he was able to correctly diagnose the problem that was causing our infertility. Dr. Brown’s knowledge and expertise gave us the confidence we needed to make some difficult decisions. His compassion and faith gave us comfort and a sense of peace and helped us through a very difficult season of our life.

After much prayer, we decided to take his recommendation and complete a cycle of IVF. I ended up being a poor responder to the medication and after our cycle, we ended up with only two embryos and none left over to freeze. Even though this was difficult news to digest, we felt all along that God was in complete control and trusted Him through it all. We were extremely blessed to have both embryos implant and we became pregnant with twins! If that wasn’t enough of a miracle, I carried them to 36 weeks and was able to deliver them both without a c-section. Praise God!

Without the love and care of Dr. Brown and his staff, we would not have been able to make it through such a difficult journey. We will forever be thankful for the care we received and the friendships we made. Our two precious miracle babies are a daily reminder of just how blessed we are!

Christopher and Clara (born March 21, 2013)

Scott & Katy

Words Cannot Express Our Gratitude

success27We are overjoyed with our new arrival with the help of Dr. Brown. Words cannot express our gratitude to him for his kind and attentive assistance with the extremely difficult and emotional process of IVF. Our son is the love of our lives and it would never have been possible without God and the help of Dr. Brown. We love him!!

Mr. and Mrs. Davis

success33Exceptional Care

Dr. Brown and staff took exceptionally great care of us. They were with us every step of the way. We are so glad to have chosen Brown Fertility.
Wendy G.

To find out how Brown Fertility can help you write your own infertility success story, visit our contact page or call us at 904-260-0352.

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“Throughout our journey to conceive, Dr. Brown became so much more than our reproductive endocrinologist. He became our therapist, problem-solver, cheerleader, and—most importantly—our friend.”Greg & Dana