Josephine is an integral part of our Andrology department which focuses on the male reproductive system. In addition to her experience at Brown Fertility, Josephine has managed laboratories globally, from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia to Baptist Health IMG at Jacksonville.

Josephine earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology in 1989 and holds a Master’s Degree in Family Planning and Child Development. She strongly believes that “knowledge is power” and has mastered Arabic, Dutch, and Italian through her work and travel overseas–skills she uses for the ministry of non-native English speakers. In her spare time, Josephine choreographs and teaches modern and folk dancing to help promote the Filipino Culture. She is an avid member of Filipino American Cultural Society and Bayanihan Club, which engages in the advancement of goodwill, charity, education, and other humanitarian endeavors. She’s grateful for every life experience and blessing and shares that lesson with her son and daughter.