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IVF Treatment Cost

For those who have been unable to conceive naturally, IVF treatments can be a unique and amazing opportunity to start a family. However, many potential participants are concerned about the expense. At Brown Fertility, we are among the area leaders in reproductive technology, including in vitro fertilization. We know medical care can be costly, but we do everything we can to keep IVF treatment costs as affordable as possible while offering world-class care.

How Much Does IVF Cost?

At Brown Fertility, we pride ourselves on being a resource our patients can trust. We understand how much the opportunity to start a family means, so we do everything possible to offer compassionate, personalized, and affordable care.

We believe in providing service that matches our reputation. We are proud to be dually Board Certified in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility with over 30 years of experience and more than 5,000 completed IVF cycles. Our team is also home to the first surgeon in Florida to pioneer minimally invasive robotic gynecological surgery for treatment of infertility, offering revolutionary treatment opportunities unmatched throughout the state and beyond.

In vitro fertilization prices in Florida vary per patient; one size does not fit all. We will research your benefits prior to or soon after your initial consultation to provide you with an understanding of your benefit coverage.

One of our financial counselors will help you navigate through the process and in the event that you do not have coverage, they can provide you with alternative financing options.

To learn more about what options you have, please call our office at 904-260-0352 and speak with one of our highly trained New Patient Coordinators.

Our “Commitment to Conception” Plan

Despite the progress in IVF technology, the fact remains that most women will require more than one IVF cycle to become pregnant. Our unique Commitment to Conception plan is designed to ease the burden on those who may need more time to successfully have a baby, offering discounted rates on multiple IVF cycles prior to treatment to ease fertility costs.

As a participant in the plan, patients are qualified for up to three fresh IVF cycles as well as all frozen embryo transfers that result over a 14-month period.

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IVF can be an emotionally challenging process for women dedicated to motherhood, but at Brown Fertility, we do all we can to ensure your success. Whether you want to explore your options or are ready to move forward with in vitro, we are happy to help you work through your expected IVF cost in Florida.

Please call us in Jacksonville at (904) 260-0352 and in Orlando at (407) 244-5515 to schedule an appointment where we will further discuss IVF treatment cost and the options available to your family.

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"Throughout our journey to conceive, Dr. Brown became so much more than our reproductive endocrinologist. He became our therapist, problem-solver, cheerleader, and—most importantly—our friend."Greg & Dana