Endometrial Receptivity Assay

What is an Endometrial Receptivity Assay Test?

This test requires an endometrial biopsy that is timed to be done during the optimal window of embryo implantation.  It uses sophisticated methodology to look at the expression of about 240 chemical compounds that are expressed by endometrial tissue in and around the implantation window.

The test determines if the biopsy was done at the optimal time for implantation or if it was done early or late and by how many days.  Early research suggests that if the presumed window for implantation is off, it may result in the failure to achieve pregnancy or an increased risk of miscarriage.  Approximately 25% of presumed normal patients and about 25% of patients with recurrent pregnancy loss are abnormal on this test.  It is possible to use the information from the test to correct the implantation window.

This is an exciting new test that may have great value for some of our patients with difficult problems (ie: those with disheartening miscarriages; those who have not found success at other IVF centers with multiple IVF attempts).  Like all new tests, it will take some time to determine exactly how useful this test is and to which patients it should be offered.

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