Donor 5055

Please list your talents: Networking, adaptability, communication, humor
What do you like to do in your free time?  Roller skate, paint, workout, read, hang out with my dog



What are your biggest passions in life?  Family, animals and health



What are your professional aspirations?  I want to be able to look back on my career and be proud of all the work I’ve done to get to where I want to be.



What are your favorite foods?  Seafood, Greek foods, Pho, the list could go on and on here J



What is your favorite color?  All green tones
What is your favorite place?  Belize



What are your future goals? Open a pitbull rescue in Jacksonville. Similar to the show pitbulls and parolees. Helping out people and dogs in need.



What steps have you taken towards them?  I’ve started to save up money. I’ve looked into locations, other nonprofits and how to start a nonprofit with a dream in mind.



What is your philosophy in life? What you put into life is what you get out of it.



What is your current occupation? Corporate sales
Have you taken the SAT?  No
Score?  N/A
Have you taken the ACT?  Yes
Score?  23, did really well on the science section.
Any cosmetic surgery? No
Excess body or facial hair? No
History of bleeding tendencies or bruising easily? No
When was your last HIV test? 2020
Have you ever had neck or back problems? No
Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer? No
Have you ever been diagnosed or suffer from asthma? No
Have you ever had a head injury?  No
Have you ever been or diagnosed with high blood pressure? No
Have you ever been diagnosed with a thyroid problem? No
Have you ever suffered from migraine headaches? No
Have you ever had seizures? No
Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes? No
Have you ever had or been diagnosed with anemia? No
Have you ever been diagnosed with Hepatitis B? No
Have you ever been tested as a carrier of any genetic disorders? No
Do you have any mental health problems? No
Does anyone in your family have any mental health problems? No
Have you ever attempted to commit suicide? No
Do you feel you were ever a victim of sexual, physical, or psychological abuse? No
Have you ever been diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infection? Yes
Have you ever been pregnant? Yes
What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual
How many sexual partners have you had in the last year?  Four
Are you currently sexually active?  Yes
Is anyone in your family considered seriously overweight? No
If yes, who?
Any family history of alcoholism or drug abuse? No

Donor 5055

27 year old Caucasian female anonymous egg donor.

Ethnic Background: German, Swiss, Polish, Hungarian

No history of infertility or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pap smears and breast exams have been normal.

Past OB History: 1 pregnancy

Past Medical History: None.

Past Surgical History: None

Social History: Non-smoker; drinks alcohol socially.

Donor 5055 works full time in Corporate Sales.

Donor 5055 describes herself as energetic, funny, caring and outgoing.

Donor 5055 enjoys roller skating, great music and painting.

Donor 5055 wants to donate her eggs because love keeps the world spinning.

Height: 5’7”    Weight: 135     Eye Color: Green   Hair Color: Red/Thick/Wavy

Complexion: Medium  Frame: Medium  Blood Type: Unknown

Family History: Denies any family history of mental retardation, birth defects, CF, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell anemia, or any other childhood genetic diseases in either family.

Relationship Age Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight Ethnic Origin Deceased/cause of death
Mother 58 Blue Blonde 5’4” 120 European Living
Father 59 Brown Black 5’10” 185 German Living
Paternal Grandfather N/A


Maternal Grandfather 91 Old Age
Maternal Grandmother 56, Sjogrens