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PCOS Symptoms & Infertility


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common reproductive endocrine disorder, affecting about 5% of women. In PCOS, excessive amounts of androgens (“male” hormones such as testosterone) are produced by the ovaries. PCOS is a common cause of infertility; however, there are many PCOS Infertility treatment options available.

Women who have PCOS may have the following:

  • Irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles
  • Acne
  • Increased hair growth (e.g., on face and chest)
  • Obesity
  • Infertility


If you are diagnosed with PCOS, treatment options will depend upon your goals. Some patients are primarily concerned with fertility, while others are more concerned about menstrual cycle regulation, hirsutism, or acne. Regardless of your primary goal, PCOS should be treated because of the long-term health risks it poses.

Fertility Treatment

Ovulation may often be induced with clomiphene citrate (Clomid®, Serophene®), an orally administered fertility medication. PCOS infertility treatment with medications that increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, such as metformin (Glucophage®), may lead to more regular ovulation. Gonadotropins (injectable fertility medications), may be used to induce ovulation if you do not respond to simpler treatments.

If fertility is not an immediate concern, hormonal therapies are usually successful in temporarily correcting the problems associated with PCOS. Oral contraceptive pills (OCs) are commonly prescribed to reduce hirsutism and acne, maintain regular menstrual periods, prevent endometrial cancer, and prevent pregnancy. OCs may be combined with medications that decrease androgen action, such as spironolactone, to improve hirsutism. Vaniqa® cream has been approved to reduce facial hair. Methods that remove hair, such as electrolysis and laser, are also helpful.

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**Information taken from ASRM.org

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